Sarah Clarkson

Sarah Clarkson is the author of several books including the best-selling The Life-giving Home, which she co-authored with her mother, Sally Clarkson. Sarah is currently studying literature at Oxford University where she's not only a brilliant thinker and writer, but is also the president of the C. S. Lewis Society.

Theodicy and Butterflies

By Sarah Clarkson

Hello, old friends. I feel a little shy jumping straight back into the jollity of the Rabbit Room after such a long absence, but I’ve missed this place too much to delay any longer.

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Art & Theology Pt. 2

By Sarah Clarkson

The more I study this image, the more I find. The whole of creation is caught up in this presentation of the Cross as the cosmic renewal of life, love, and fellowship. I especially love the detail of Read More ›

Art & Theology

By Sarah Clarkson

Well friends, I’m about to go all academic on you – or at least as academic as art, story, song obsessed me can get – by giving you a taste of what I’ve been working on in the past couple of years. Read More ›

Storm on the Mountain

By Sarah Clarkson

A jaunt to the mountains is always a good idea. I especially like it when I want to interrogate God about the direction of my life, while also letting him know I’m a little miffed with the current particulars. Several Read More ›

Words Make Worlds

By Sarah Clarkson

Lit candles cheer a jet-lagged heart. They frame and cradle the unshaped, lingering dark of the hours before dawn. A traveler might find herself sore-eyed, unravelled in the long night. But the self-assertion of a small, merry flame, defiant of the great dark round it, coaxes the Read More ›

Lenten Splendor

By Sarah Clarkson

I didn’t even wear a coat for the walk to my coffee shop today. The air is honey-toned and soft. The sky is so vividly blue it flashes in, arresting as flame through the windows of the lecture hall in the Read More ›

Light Eternal in London

By Sarah Clarkson

A little over a week ago, my brother Joel and I forayed out into the darkling streets of nine o’clock London to catch a late concert at Royal Albert Hall. Read More ›

A Difficult Generosity

By Sarah Clarkson

I’ve come to write today in a downtown coffee shop where books line the walls and the air hums with slow, jazzy music. I haven’t accomplished a single useful thing. Instead, I’ve cupped my coffee close, sipped it slow, and let my sleepy eyes roam over the rim of the mug. Read More ›

The Best Tale That C. S. Lewis Ever Told

By Sarah Clarkson

The wind was bright and sharp, the blue sky cold, our skin reddened with the icy air, but we didn’t mind. The day of the C. S. Lewis symposium at Westminster, we Lewis lovers got to the doors of St. Margaret’s Read More ›

Advent in the Twilight Zone

By Sarah Clarkson

The celebration of Advent, I have decided, is a little like living in the twilight zone.

I know this because for a few uncanny hours last week, I actually lived the twilight zone and it was a curiously spiritual experience. Read More ›

God be thanked for the life of C. S. Lewis

By Sarah Clarkson

“Come, let us worship God, wonderful in his saints!”

So ended Michael Ward’s introduction in our program today for the C.S. Lewis memorial service. And that Read More ›

Soul Walking

By Sarah Clarkson

I believe there is a room at center of my being. Large, light brimmed, and quiet. Windows make its walls, and through them I gaze upon skies and stars only visible to my inner eye. When my soul dwells there, I am Read More ›

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