Sarah Geil

The World Is Charged

By Sarah Geil

I read in a textbook that Gerard Manley Hopkins entered a Jesuit Novitiate, vowed to never write poetry again, and burnt all the poems he had written in his life. Failing to regard this trivia with imagination, I moved on without letting these blandly stated facts move me. Read More ›

Taking a Sharp Left at the Far Side of the Sea

By Sarah Geil

Eric Peters’ Far Side of the Sea is a unique concept album, with each song inspired by an object in a photograph taken by the artist himself. But with its haunting honesty and surprising sound, it’s also a fascinating case study on the symbiotic relationship between artist and producer. Read More ›

Jon Foreman Discusses The Wonderlands series

By Sarah Geil

Jon Foreman, the Grammy Award-winning artist and lead singer of Switchfoot, has been in quite a whirlwind lately. He’s released four EPs in a series called The Wonderlands, writing a song for each hour of the day. Read More ›

Stories of Lyric & Rain

By Sarah Geil

“So Father, I will give you thanks and praise
The Son has opened wide the gate of glory Read More ›

From the North Wind Library: The Silence of God

By Sarah Geil

He preached during the battle of Stalingrad in 1943, a fight that ended nearly two million stories. Written in the years of struggle and turmoil, German theologian Helmut Thielicke’s sermons grapple with deep Read More ›

Chris Slaten & Arthur Alligood — A House Show and the Magic of Stories

By Sarah Geil

“So, what’s your story, Hannah?”

The magic of North Wind Manor settled close as one of the guests asked the question of another. Read More ›

In the Studio with Andrew Peterson

By Sarah Geil

As tourists pause to take pictures on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial, very few notice that the careful spacing of the stairs symbolizes the years of the Civil War. Some steps represent seasons of particular Read More ›

From the North Wind Library: More Than Words

By Sarah Geil

Like beauty, books are meant to be shared. The library at North Wind Manor has been created as a place for books to be shared. With sections such as “Ghost Stories” and “Literary studies,” “Rabbit Room Read More ›

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