Shanika Churchville

Shanika Churchville has a B.A. in English from Swarthmore College and an M.S.Ed in Instructional Leadership from Neumann University. She currently teaches writing and coordinates writing services at Lancaster Bible College. She enjoys running, yoga, reading, and cooking and sharing Sri Lankan cuisine. Shanika makes her home with her husband and their two sons in Lancaster, PA.

Symbols on the Doorframe

By Shanika Churchville

[Editor’s note: Our friends at Square Halo books have a brand new collection of essays called Wild Things and Castles in the Sky. Together, these essays form one cohesive guide for choosing books for children. Today, we’re grateful to share with you an essay from the book written by Shanika Churchville, in which she discusses the ways that the book of Deuteronomy offers a guide to families on how to discuss race with children.]

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