An Interview with Russ Ramsey, Part 1: The Compelling Thrift of Scripture

By Drew Miller

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I really want to dig into scripture, but I just don’t know where to start”? Did that one poem from Isaiah give you goosebumps, but then when you tried to read more of the whole book, you got lost and unmotivated? If you answered “no,” well then good for you! But if you answered “yes,” you are in good company, and Russ Ramsey might be able to help you.

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A Fresh New Edition: Miz Lil & the Chronicles of Grace

By Pete Peterson

When we met Walt Wangerin at the first Hutchmoot, we didn’t dream that nearly ten years later, Rabbit Room Press would be issuing a brand new edition of one of his most beloved books. And yet here we are. Read More ›

An Interview with Leif Enger about Virgil Wander

By Russ Ramsey

A few years ago, Leif Enger came to speak at Hutchmoot, the annual Rabbit Room conference. That year, he and I had both gone through sudden medical crises. We bonded then over recovery stories and continued that friendship in the form of a fairly regular correspondence. When I was preparing to release Struck, a memoir about my experience, I asked Leif if he might be willing to read it and write an endorsement. He graciously obliged, providing one of the true high points in my career as an author—support from a literary hero.

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A Special Invitation from Renovaré Book Club

By Carolyn Arends

The most important thing in your life is not what you do; it’s who you become. That’s what you will take into eternity. – Dallas Willard

Greetings, Rabbitarians! It brings me great joy to once more invite you to hop on over to the Renovaré Book Club, where we are about to begin a new season.

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Gamble, Gambol, Ham, and Gambrel: On Inefficiency

By Jonathan Rogers

The great thing about Google is that it takes you straight to the information you want to find (or, in any case, straight to the information that the Keeper of the Algorithm wants you to find). The great thing about every other method of organizing and/or delivering information is that it doesn’t take you straight to the information you want to find.

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Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making, Week Six

By Jen Rose Yokel

Welcome to Week 6 of The Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making. We’ve reached the end of the book together! As we consider the final chapters this week, we’ll take a deeper look at discerning our unique call to be culture makers. We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights in the comments.

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Beauty Beyond the Reach of Shadow

By Amy Baik Lee

I first “met” her in a book I’d pulled from my school’s closet-sized library.

Jewish refugees and resistance workers streamed through the welcoming doors of an old Dutch house, and a tiny, secret space was built into the uppermost bedroom to hide them. No needful face was turned away. The Ten Boom family prepared beds for frightened new residents and doled out cream puffs to make raid drills feel more like a game, all the while entrusting themselves and the people under their roof to God.

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New Release: Book Girl by Sarah Clarkson

By The Rabbit Room

If you know anything at all about Sarah Clarkson, you know this: she loves books. And today she uses her lifetime of reading to bless us all with her newest book: Book Girl: A Journey Through the Treaures & Transforming Power of a Reading Life. Read More ›

Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making, Week Five

By Jen Rose Yokel

Welcome to Week Five of The Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making. We’re almost done! This week, we’re looking at Chapters 12 – 14, in which we’re reminded that actually, we can’t always change the world… but maybe that’s good news.

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Frankenstein Hits the Stage Tomorrow

By The Rabbit Room

“You are the cause. I am the effect. The rest is destiny.”

Today in 1797, Mary Shelley was born, and 21 years later the first edition of Frankenstein was published. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the novel. It’s become one of our most enduring stories, and this year A. S. “Pete” Peterson went to work with Studio Tenn to develop a fresh new adaptation for the stage. The show opens tomorrow and will run for two weekends.

The story of Victor Frankenstein and his creature is much more than a mere monster tale. It’s a story rich with theological, sociological, and psychological layers exploring not only what it means to be human, but what it means to be shaped by the power of love—or hatred.

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Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making, Week Four

By Jen Rose Yokel

Welcome to Week Four of The Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making. This week, we’re looking at Chapters 9 – 11 and focusing on the ways the Resurrection and the Spirit have empowered God’s people to make real, lasting change…maybe even eternal change. Read on for this week’s reflection, and share your insights, questions, or favorite quotes in the comments below!

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Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making, Week Three

By Laure Hittle

Welcome to Week 3 of The Rabbit Reads Book Group: Culture Making. This week, we’re looking at Chapters 6-8, which call us to consider God’s good gifts of culture and the ways in which He continues to invite us into His creative work. What does the creation story in Genesis tell us about the nature of creation? What does all this mean for us as creators and cultivators? Join us in the comments section or in the forum with your thoughts.

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