Bringing Color to the Dragon Lord Saga

By Jonny Jimison

Batman’s origin story is full of darkness. Orphaned as a child, taking on a the mantle of a bat to fight crime in the dark of night – no wonder he only works in black (or sometimes, very very dark gray). Read More ›

Sculpting the Wingfeather Saga

By Andrew Peterson

There’s a little white church building in Connecticut that for many years has hosted concerts by me, Jason Gray, Andy Gullahorn, Eric Peters, The Gray Havens, Jill Phillips, and many more. It’s called Read More ›

Interview: Jennifer Trafton, author of Henry and the Chalk Dragon

By Lanier Ivester

Jennifer Trafton’s much-anticipated Henry and the Chalk Dragon is a romp through the “what ifs” of an imagination run wild. It’s a companion for children feeling self-conscious about Read More ›

Common Trepidations Encountered in Collaborations

By Doug McKelvey

When you write a book it becomes somehow precious to you. Precious in the way that a child is precious.

Kind of.

Okay, not quite that precious. Read More ›

Henry and the Chalk Dragon: Release Day Review

By Jonathan Rogers

Besides being a student at La Muncha Elementary School, Henry Penwhistle is an artist and a knight-errant. Henry and the Chalk Dragon, Jennifer Trafton’s brilliant new novel for young readers Read More ›

Struck: A Release-Day Review

By Jonathan Rogers

Five years ago, Russ Ramsey almost died. A bacterial infection found purchase in the mitral valve of his heart and chawed it to a fare-thee-well. Describing the sonogram in which he saw the inner workings of his own heart, Russ wrote Read More ›

Behold! The Book Trailer for Struck

By Russ Ramsey

Tomorrow is release day for Russ Ramsey’s new book, Struck. Look for the Rabbit Room review to come, and in the meantime, watch the book trailer (by Samantha Fisher and Stephen Gage). Read More ›

Diving Into Lent (through books, film, music, & a podcast)

By Chris Yokel

While I have long been an appreciator of the church calendar, Lent is the season that I have taken the longest to appreciate, mostly due to shallow evangelical understandings of Roman Catholic traditions (fish on Fridays?). Read More ›

Outside Over There: A Window into the World of Maurice Sendak

By Ken A. Priebe

On May 8, 2012, it was announced that Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are and countless other books, had passed away. Read More ›

Songs from Struck

By Russ Ramsey

I started writing songs when I was in High School. In recent years, life, calling, and family have redirected my creative bandwidth to other endeavors—good work I love and happily give myself to. But in recent years a desire to write songs has returned. So I’ve been knocking off the rust a little. Read More ›

Smelling Flowers in the Dark

By Jennifer Trafton

I think we all have memories of finishing a favorite childhood book—of turning the final page and feeling as if we’ve lived a lifetime in the space between those two covers. We will never forget where we were the day Aslan came alive again, just as people never forget where they were when they heard that Read More ›

Children’s Books Live Illustration on the NYT

By Joe Sutphin

Word Of Mouse is co-written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein, and illustrated by me. As part of the publicity for the book, Little, Brown flew me to New York to do a live drawing session on Facebook Live from the New York Times Building and on the NYT Facebook account.  Read More ›