Louis L’Amour and the Moral Imagination

By Kevin Morse

My brother, Orrin Sackett, was big enough to fight bears with a switch. Me, I was the skinny one, tall as Orrin, but no meat to my bones except around the shoulders and arms.

The Daybreakers, 1984

The other day I read those words for the first time in about twenty five years and the strangest thing happened.

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On The Book of Mistakes 

By Jenna Badeker

Today, I present to you a children’s book by Corinna Luyken. As is so often the case with me, it was a picture book that succinctly and delicately spoke the simple truth I needed to hear and moved me to tears.

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Grace: An Invitation

By Janna Barber

I finished my book on a Monday afternoon, an hour before the kids got home from school. I’ve written over fifty thousand words during the last five years, and it feels like I’ve finally told the whole story I set out to tell. There’s still a little polishing to do, and maybe even a few more paragraphs to add here and there, but I’m more certain than ever that I know what the final product is, and that’s a great feeling. Of course it terrifies me to make this public knowledge because now people might start asking to read it, and that’s just as scary as writing the darn thing.

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An Exciting Slugs & Bugs Announcement!

By The Rabbit Room

Doug the Slug and Sparky the Lightning Bug got a big surprise from our friend Randall, and they even managed to catch it on video. Click through to watch for yourself!

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Reading The Color of Compromise Together

By Jen Rose Yokel

Lent is a season for looking inward, for seeking repentance for the things we’ve “done and left undone,” as the liturgies say. This Lent, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the “things undone” part.

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Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson Help Us To Pray

By Chris Yokel

If I’m honest, I’ve followed Jesus most of my life, and sometimes I don’t know how to pray.

If you’ve been part of the Christian spiritual tradition for any length of time, you probably have collected a few ideas of what prayer is and is not, both from teaching and practice. Is prayer just pulling the lever of a cosmic slot machine and hoping everything lines up? Is prayer a non-verbal, mystical experience of the Divine? Is prayer simply reciting the words of other saints from the past? Does God need my prayers or do I need them?

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Truth-telling in the Dark

By Jonny Jimison

[Editor’s note: To celebrate the reprinting of Helena Sorensen’s Shiloh trilogy with Rabbit Room Press, we are sharing this delightful article by Jonny Jimison, first published in 2016. Enjoy, and consider picking up some of Helena’s books at our online store.]

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Lent with the Desert Fathers

By Thomas McKenzie

As part of Lent, my congregation always studies a particular topic that touches on Lenten themes, such as suffering, spiritual disciplines, and repentance. And as the pastor, I can present to the parish whatever I think is best, so if I’m smart, I’ll teach on something I already know a lot about—less preparation makes life easier. But last year, I did something stupid: I told everyone I would teach on the Desert Fathers. 

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What the Wind Goes Whispering: An Exploration of Longing in The Wind in the Willows

By Chris Wheeler

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame is perhaps my favorite book, or at least in my top ten. I rarely re-read books, but this one is an annual read for me, and only recently did I think to explore why I have loved and continue to love this story so much.

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Liturgies of the Moment: Convivium Interviews Doug McKelvey

By The Rabbit Room

Doug McKelvey was recently interviewed by Convivium Magazine about the process of writing Every Moment Holy—a wonderful conversation we’re excited to share with you here.

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Free Online Course with Jennifer Trafton

By The Rabbit Room

Jennifer Trafton just launched a free online course for readers of Henry and the Chalk Dragon who want to use Henry’s story as a springboard for their own creativity. Click through for more details.

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Book Review: Inexpressible by Michael Card

By Hannah Hubin

Folks around the Rabbit Room find a lot of joy in discovering foreign words that express ideas our English dictionaries have no entry for.

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