Let Justice Roll Down Book Group: Week 1

By The Rabbit Room

Our reading group for Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins, led by Dr. Steve Guthrie, begins today. All materials for Week 1 are now available, including discussion questions, videos, and articles for further reading. Enrollment is ongoing, so join whenever you like.

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New Reading Group: Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins

By The Rabbit Room

Now open for enrollment, Belmont University Professor Steve Guthrie leads a reading group for John M. Perkins’ powerful book Let Justice Roll Down. Students will join one another in reading and discussion.

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The Door on Half-Bald Hill: Now Available on Audiobook

By The Rabbit Room

The Door on Half-Bald Hill takes place in an ancient Irish culture marked by its oral and aural storytelling tradition—which makes it a fantastic audiobook.⁣

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Intervening Light: An Interview with Stephen Crotts

By Drew Miller

Whether you know his name yet or not, chances are that Stephen Crotts is responsible for at least one piece of art—whether it’s an album cover, book cover, poster, or stand-alone work—that has stopped you in your tracks and filled you with wonder. The latest piece of magic Stephen has contributed to Rabbit Room Press is the cover and inside illustrations of The Door on Half-Bald Hill.

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Our 2020 Summer Reading List

By Chris Thiessen

The constant din of voices swirling and opinions flying in today’s physically-distanced, yet socially-shrinking world is overwhelming. Searching for trusted information from diverse points of view is daunting. Like many of you, we at the Rabbit Room are processing current events, both as an organization and personally, and are seeking to listen and act with empathy, peace, and grace in Christ.

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Why Beowulf May Yet Help Us

By Andrew Roycroft

In our age of fresh harrowing, of renewed raid, and lamented loss, Beowulf may yet come to our aid. The power and elegiac majesty of this most renowned of Old English poems has ensured its continued cultural significance, though the mead halls are long derelict, the days of hoard and heraldry long past. As a piece of literature, Beowulf provides a stark reminder of the ominous possibilities of a sin-wracked world, the need that remains for the heroic and altruistic, and the virtue of courage in the face of seemingly unassailable evil.

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Keeper of the Word: A Review of The Door on Half-Bald Hill

By Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson

I make the sign for birch in the gray soil of thought.

A tree springs up, its trunk white and straight, its leaves small and rounded.

“The birch is the tree of beginnings, of purification, of fire. Let the birch stand in honor of the Bard, who summons the inner flame. The Bard will be poet, musician, and prophet. He will learn the history of our people, all our laws and our lore. The Bard will be Keeper of the Word.”

—Helena Sorensen, The Door on Half-Bald Hill
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Bilbo’s Garden

By Rebecca D. Martin

“Inside Bag End, Bilbo and Gandalf were sitting at the open window of a small room looking out west onto the garden. The late afternoon was bright and peaceful. The flowers glowed red and golden: snap-dragons and sunflowers, and nasturtiums trailing all over the turf walls and peeping in at the round windows.”
The Fellowship of the Ring

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Finding a Way Forward: A Review of The Door on Half-Bald Hill

By John Barber

And the wrens have returned and they’re nesting
In the hollow of that oak where his heart once had been
And he lifts up his arms in a blessing for being born again”
— Rich Mullins, “The Color Green”

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The Lost Art of Listening, Part 5: The Case for Nostalgia

By Leslie E. Thompson

[Editor’s note: click here to read Part 4: Chew the Cud by Drew Miller.]

Here’s my great confession: If you were to look in my musical library and scroll through the albums, artists, and playlists I’ve curated over the years, it’s likely you would think I’ve listened to really terrible music.

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Introducing the Square Halo Podcast

By Leslie Bustard

Even if podcasts existed twenty years ago, I never would have imagined that Square Halo Books would ever have had enough contributors in its catalog to support a full season of episodes, and with many people left untapped. And the idea that I would be sitting down with a chunky black microphone between me and such amazing thinkers and makers, digging deeper into their ideas through such delightful conversations as I have had this past year, would have been something I couldn’t have even hoped for.

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Pronunciation Guide: The Door on Half-Bald Hill

By Helena Sorensen

I’ve been asked to write a brief pronunciation guide for anyone who might need help with character and place names in The Door on Half-Bald Hill. Pronunciation guides are tricky! It’s always easier to hear a new word than to decode it by means of the kind of weird, inconsistent descriptors I’m about to give.

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