A Liturgy Before Consuming Media

By Pete Peterson

A couple of days ago, we introduced you to Ned Bustard, the illustrator for Every Moment Holy. We gave you an early look at his work, and here’s a peek at the liturgy that goes along with that image. Read More ›

Kindle Release: Henry and the Chalk Dragon

By The Rabbit Room

Jennifer Trafton’s can’t-keep-’em-in-stock, best-selling, kid-pleasing, monkey-sneezing*, middle-grade reader Henry and the Chalk Dragon is now available on Kindle. And TODAY ONLY, it’s just 99 cents! Already read it? Review it here! Read More ›

Interview: Ned Bustard – Illustrator for Every Moment Holy

By Pete Peterson

Since the conception of the Every Moment Holy project, we’ve always known it would be illustrated. We wanted to find a way to capture the style and look of sacred images but infuse them with “ordinary” scenes and subjects. Read More ›

The Work of the People: Help Us Write This Book

By Pete Peterson

When we think of liturgy, we tend to think in terms of a church service or “responsive reading,” as it was called in the tradition I grew up in. But the word actually means “the work of the people” —and that’s why we want to invite you to participate in the creation of Every Moment Holy. Read More ›

Struck – Chapter 1: Learning to See

By Russ Ramsey

 I’m pleased to be able to offer here, in full, the first chapter of Struck: One Christian’s Reflections on Encountering Death.

When my doctor told me I was dying, I came alive. Read More ›

Birthday Wishes of the Fish King

By The Rabbit Room

Today is Doug McKelvey’s birthday, and he’s decided to give all of you a gift. Wish him well, open it up, and enjoy. Click here for your present.

Video: Every Moment Holy

By The Rabbit Room

We just updated the campaign page with a video in which Andrew Peterson and author Doug McKelvey talk about the genesis of the project and even give a few peeks at some of the liturgies the book will contain. All donations will be matched during the month of May! Help us make this project as beautiful as possible. Read More ›

Every Moment Holy: Matching Donations!

By Pete Peterson

Yesterday saw the release of Douglas McKelvey’s illustrated edition of The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog, and today I want to talk about his next project, Every Moment Holy. Read More ›

Balaam’s Donkey Comes to Rural America: The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog

By Jonathan Rogers

I have always loved the Bible story of Balaam’s donkey (from Numbers 22). On the one hand, it’s a folksy, earthy, homey story. On the plains of Moab, a man has trouble with a stubborn donkey. Man beats donkey. Donkey talks back. Read More ›

Bringing Color to the Dragon Lord Saga

By Jonny Jimison

Batman’s origin story is full of darkness. Orphaned as a child, taking on a the mantle of a bat to fight crime in the dark of night – no wonder he only works in black (or sometimes, very very dark gray). Read More ›

Sculpting the Wingfeather Saga

By Andrew Peterson

There’s a little white church building in Connecticut that for many years has hosted concerts by me, Jason Gray, Andy Gullahorn, Eric Peters, The Gray Havens, Jill Phillips, and many more. It’s called Read More ›

Interview: Jennifer Trafton, author of Henry and the Chalk Dragon

By Lanier Ivester

Jennifer Trafton’s much-anticipated Henry and the Chalk Dragon is a romp through the “what ifs” of an imagination run wild. It’s a companion for children feeling self-conscious about Read More ›