Review: The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb

By Jen Rose Yokel

It’s rare for me to impulse buy a brand new book the year it comes out. But it was hard to resist the minimalist cover and absurdly long yet awesome title The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb: Searching for Jesus’ Path of Power in a Church that has Abandoned It. Read More ›

A Note from N. D. Wilson

By N. D. Wilson

Never in all my days have I released two novels so close together as Outlaws of Time: The Song of Glory and Ghost (4/18) and The Door Before (6/27). And in between the two, I even managed to squeeze in a brain surgery Read More ›

Falling for Watership Down

By Chris Cowan

I was maybe 12 when I first saw the movie on TV. It featured cartoon rabbits, but there was nothing cute about their story. They experienced danger—from man, predators, and other rabbits. They fought, bled, and died. Read More ›

Shaping a Fellowship

By Lanier Ivester

Back in 2010, my husband and I attended our first (and the first!) Hutchmoot. It was exciting, and a little surreal, to contemplate a face-to-face gathering of a fellowship that had formerly been confined to my computer screen. Read More ›

Q&A with Henry and the Chalk Dragon author Jennifer Trafton

By The Rabbit Room

 [Cracking the Cover interviewed Jennifer Trafton recently, and they talk about writing, the creative process, Henry and the Chalk Dragon, and many other good things.]

Why do you write? Why specifically for young people? Read More ›

Baskets of Fragments

By Lanier Ivester

In October 1949, a brassy New Yorker named Helene Hanff wrote a letter to a staid London bookseller named Frank Doel.

“I am a poor writer,” she told him, “with an antiquarian taste in books.” Read More ›

Quest Adventure – Stories We Shared

By The Rabbit Room

A lot of you may be familiar with Sara Masarik’s Plumfield and Paideia blog and the Potato Peel Pie Book Community on Facebook. If not, keep reading. This month they are beginning a series of reading quests Read More ›

Every Moment Holy is Funded: THANK YOU!

By Pete Peterson

By last night when our donation-matching ended, hundreds of you helped raise the funds needed to get Every Moment Holy on its feet. We actually crossed the finish line several days early, and ended up with about 140% of our $23,500 goal. Thank you! What happens now? Read More ›

A Liturgy Before Consuming Media

By Pete Peterson

A couple of days ago, we introduced you to Ned Bustard, the illustrator for Every Moment Holy. We gave you an early look at his work, and here’s a peek at the liturgy that goes along with that image. Read More ›

Kindle Release: Henry and the Chalk Dragon

By The Rabbit Room

Jennifer Trafton’s can’t-keep-’em-in-stock, best-selling, kid-pleasing, monkey-sneezing*, middle-grade reader Henry and the Chalk Dragon is now available on Kindle. And TODAY ONLY, it’s just 99 cents! Already read it? Review it here! Read More ›

Interview: Ned Bustard – Illustrator for Every Moment Holy

By Pete Peterson

Since the conception of the Every Moment Holy project, we’ve always known it would be illustrated. We wanted to find a way to capture the style and look of sacred images but infuse them with “ordinary” scenes and subjects. Read More ›

The Work of the People: Help Us Write This Book

By Pete Peterson

When we think of liturgy, we tend to think in terms of a church service or “responsive reading,” as it was called in the tradition I grew up in. But the word actually means “the work of the people” —and that’s why we want to invite you to participate in the creation of Every Moment Holy. Read More ›