A Childhood Bond to Illustrations

By Chelsea Barnwell

I was recently asked to look through the children’s books in my church’s small library and resource center. We were a few decades past due for a careful evaluation of our book inventory. The library staff wanted to know if there were books that should be discarded and if I had recommendations for new books. I was thrilled to be able to assist and spend a few hours looking through picture books.

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The Rings of Power: An Invitation

By Livi Goodgame

If you have already begun the adventure of watching and discussing the Amazon Prime show titled The Rings of Power, hello fellow traveler! Isn’t this exciting? If you are on the fence, having second thoughts, or even not giving it any second thoughts, keep reading. It is my mission to nudge you out the door, down the road, and get you swept up into Middle-Earth in the Second Age. 

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Square Halo Books: Culture Care and Conferences

By Leslie Bustard

Twenty-five years ago, my husband Ned and I agreed to be a part of Square Halo Books. When this venture started, we were just entering our thirties. We had a home, a church, a young daughter, and another little one on the way—our life moved in a sweet, ordinary rhythm.

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Clearing the Path: A Review of On the Spiritual Disciplines

By Hannah Hubin

After production for All the Wrecked Light wrapped up in the spring, I took an excurses of sorts from writing projects of my own to take on graduate studies in Biblical languages. I’ve spent enough time in Koine Greek already that moving through the New Testament feels familiar, though I still certainly have a distance to go. But Hebrew is an entirely different matter.

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The Faerie Queene Kickstarter campaign is live!

By RR Staff

Our friends over at Sky Turtle Press have labored for years to open up the fantastical world of Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene to a wider audience and now their project is ready to come into the light. A new Kickstarter campaign launches today to bring the text-faithful, line-by-line prose rendering of Spenser’s epic poem to market and it’s also loaded with several exciting incentives and stretch goals!

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Rabbit Room Recs: Our Favorite Reads of 2022

By RR Staff

Welcome to Favorites Week here at the Rabbit Room. For the next few days, we will be detailing some of our favorite finds of the last calendar year in the form of Recommended Reading, Recommended Listening, and Recommended Viewing.

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The Wingfeather Saga TV series is here!

By Pete Peterson

I’ve been watching The Wingfeather Saga come together since the beginning and I’m so glad that today the public finally gets to see what the animation team has been up to. Tonight, episode one will be available to everyone everywhere via the Angel Studios app. [Apple Store | Android]

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The Vocation of Remembering: Wendell Berry’s How It Went

By David Mitchel

“ . . . together through ages of the world we have fought the long defeat.” (Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings II. 8.)

Of the things most books have in common, I delight especially in dedications. Whether formal, obligatory, funny, or profound, they can reveal much of an author’s temper and, specifically, the spirit in which a book was composed. Wendell Berry’s dedication to his latest collection of Port William stories, How it Went, is as fine an example of this as I have seen.

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Introducing the Limited Rabbit Room Edition of Rembrandt is in the Wind

By Russ Ramsey

Allow me to introduce you to this special Limited Rabbit Room Edition of Rembrandt is in the Wind. I dedicated this book to my art teachers from middle school and high school because they played a formative role in developing my love for art. The Rabbit Room played a similar role in my desire to write. 

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Frederick Buechner, God’s Handkerchief Part 2: The View From Buechner’s Window

By Jason Gray

Note: You can read the first part of Frederick Buechner, God’s Handkerchief by Jason Gray here. Read on for the second part, “The View from Buechner’s Window”.

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She Slays in Mysterious Ways

By Rebecca Reynolds

The Faerie Queene is an epic poem written by Edmund Spenser in the late 1500s. This pioneering work of world-building inspired writers like William Wordsworth, John Milton, James Thomson, Alfred Tennyson, John Keats, George MacDonald, and L. Frank Baum, and it was a favorite of C.S. Lewis.

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Introducing the Gift Edition of Every Moment Holy

By Ned Bustard

I was at the SING! Conference this past week and had the pleasure to promote both Rabbit Room Press and Square Halo Books. During my time there I can’t say which I enjoyed more: seeing people exclaim “I have that!” as they point at the Every Moment Holy banner or watching the looks of those unfamiliar with the books realize what a treasure they are. But my favorite memory was talking to a guy in a cool NeedToBreathe t-shirt who nonchalantly pulled out of his backpack an original hardback version of volume one for me to sign.

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