A 2020 Guide to Rabbit Room Content

By Drew Miller

As you may already know, the Rabbit Room began as a blog—a beloved ongoing conversation between a collection of writers and artists committed to encouraging each other and throwing ideas back and forth, just for the pleasure of it. It looked a little something like this:

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The Inklings Conference: May 1-2, 2020

By Leslie Bustard

Several years ago, due to his involvement with Every Moment Holy, my husband Ned made his first trek to the Rabbit Room’s Hutchmoot. New to all things Rabbit-y, he did not know what to expect. His time was so full of goodness that I rarely heard from him while he was gone. But upon his return, he was quick to share stories of friendly people, good music, interesting discussions and talks, delicious food, and (what he thought would be my favorite) the beautifully arranged dinner tables. Throughout the year, Ned would regularly bring up his hope to take me.

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Significant Lights

By Rebecca D. Martin

On a slow Saturday morning, my oldest daughter, who is eight, brings me a nature craft book, seeking hopeful permission to make something depicted in its pages. Before even taking a look, I roll my inner eyes. Children’s craft books come a dime a dozen, or a mere eighty cents at the local consignment store. Many are boring, or the crafts concepts are weird, or the designs look phenomenal but are so complex or confusingly-written that the books really aren’t much use at all. But then I look where she is pointing, at the craft titled, “Make Your Own Toy Garden,”and my heart leaps into immediate association.

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Fin’s Revolution Bonus Episode: Behind the Book (Part II)

By Pete Peterson

Why am I writing about orphans? What’s with all the violence? Have I ever been attacked by pirates? Why did I kill your favorite character? How much of this history business is actually true?

Here at the end of Part II of The Fiddler’s Gun, I sat down with poet, writer, Rabbit Room staff member, and reader of fine books Shigé Clark to discuss some “behind the scenes”-type stuff. Shigé only recently read the book for the first time and came to the studio full of great questions. It’s a fun discussion. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Stuff We Liked in 2019

By The Rabbit Room

One of our favorite year’s-end traditions is to look back to all the great books, music, films, and television shows that we were fortunate enough to encounter throughout the last twelve months. And as far as well-crafted art and entertainment goes, 2019 was not bad at all. So, without further ado, here is an avalanche of recommendations (plus commentary!) from many of our contributors, recounting all their favorite stuff from 2019. Enjoy, and we hope it leads you to discover a new favorite gem of your own.

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By Amy Baik Lee

I’m embarking on what may well prove a fool’s errand tonight with this essay (for can one ever really explain the glimpses that catch at one’s heartstrings?)—but at the very least, it will hopefully excuse any odd contortions of my face and throat if we happen to sing this “Alleluia” someday in the same space.

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2019 Christmastide Playlist

By The Rabbit Room

Friends, it’s Christmas! It’s that day of the year where you just want to deeply inhale the crisp morning air, then slowly exhale as you release everything inside you but love, joy, and thanksgiving. It’s the beginning of new things. New presents? Sure. New diets? Maybe tomorrow. But new hope? Ah, absolutely. For unto us a new child is born, and this child will shine light into the darkest corners of the earth as he beckons our troubled souls to simply come, follow, and be at peace.

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Getting Unlost

By Janie Townsend

I was learning every word to Alexi Murdoch’s 2009 album Towards the Sun when I took the wrong exit somewhere between Austin and Louis Henna Boulevard. After thirteen hours in the car—peeling out of Nashville at 4 am, gliding through a misty Arkansas sunrise, stretching my hamstrings while my car gulped gasoline from a pump somewhere north of Sulpher Springs—after thirteen hours alone in a mostly moving vehicle, I was finally a mere thirty minutes from the house I grew up in. It was sure to be swathed in Christmas lights, and fresh greenery, and yarn and sweet smells. And I managed to take the wrong exit.

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Battle Hymn of the Body

By Shigé Clark

I now know three songs set to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The classic version published in 1862 is probably best known to all of us. I’ve sung it in triumphant chorus at church and later at West Point, where our starched uniforms with their flashy buttons lent us an extra (if unearned) level of pride in singing the military march. When I actually commissioned in the Army, I learned the tune better as the cadence “Blood Upon the Risers.”

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Advent Meditation: That Holy Thing

By Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson

[Editor’s note: Throughout Advent, we’re sharing one meditation at the beginning of each week, each taken from a delightful little collection called The Grand Miracle: Daily Reflections for the Season of Advent, published by the Christian History Institute. If you find yourself enjoying what you’re reading, be sure to check it out—there will be a link at the bottom of each post where you can learn more. This last meditation is from Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson, about…]

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A Behold the Lamb of God Thank-You Letter

By Randall Goodgame

I remember sitting in the old Church of Christ parsonage where the Petersons were living, listening to another new song by my friend, Andrew. He’d been working on a song project in which every song was leading up to Christmas. Each time he’d play a new one for me I’d gush about it, because they were all so good and deep and well crafted—but still fun and quirky and funny like him. And so far, this newest song was my favorite.

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Video: Your Community Defines Your Calling

By The Rabbit Room

Whether you’ve already breezed through Adorning the Dark, it’s on your Christmas reading list, or you haven’t yet heard of it, here are some thoughts from Andrew Peterson about the surprisingly concrete ways in which he has found his own calling to be given substance by his community.

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