Freedom’s Ring: King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech

By The Rabbit Room

In honor of this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we’d like to share with you an interactive, animated rendering of his “I Have A Dream” speech, created and shared originally by Stanford University.

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Charlie Peacock’s Mind-Bend: A Review of Skin and Wind

By Matt Conner

Art cannot be divorced from context, so it is the year of our Lord 2021 into which Charlie Peacock’s wonderful new album, Skin and Wind, enters and resides with its lovely melodies and poetic wisdom. It’s an important arrival, to be sure, given the artist’s posture and position in the world.

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Mended

By Laura Trimble

I wasn’t planning to mend my son’s shorts. Goodness knows, the weekly battle to get him to surrender his favorite article of clothing to the laundry was bad enough. I hate to admit it, but a tiny part of me was looking forward to the day that scooting across concrete sidewalks on his bottom had its inevitable result.

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A Liturgy for Seasons of Uncertainty

By The Rabbit Room

We are grateful to get to share another new, timely liturgy from Douglas McKelvey’s upcoming Every Moment Holy, Vol. II: “A Liturgy for Seasons of Uncertainty.” And not only is the text of the liturgy now available—Kristyn Getty has shared a special video reading of the liturgy as well.

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Baking Bread as an Act of Hope

By Millie Sweeny

As a young, poor newlywed, trying to make a life on love and peanut butter money, I desperately wanted to learn to bake bread. Memories of my childhood home, a tiny house we moved out of when I was in high school, are permeated with the warm, curling scent of fresh bread, unrolling fragrant steam in the house. I think that house always smelled like bread. At least, every single memory does.

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Jesus, the Learner

By Adam Whipple

The season of Epiphany has me thinking about curiosity. In my twenties, I lived for the moments of revelation that came pouring out of great books. I chewed through volumes of Lewis, Chesterton, Berry, Merton, and Schaeffer, awaiting supernovas of understanding like an addict filing coins into a slot machine, itching for the payoff. I still love those feelings of sudden comprehension, but anymore, the worship therein smacks somewhat of Gnosticism. In part, it’s my hand stretching after knowledge-fruit. Epiphany is a revelation, but it’s at God’s prerogative. Not to disparage the undeniable value of careful study, but no matter in what sense the Wise Men were wise, Epiphany is specifically the Lord’s choice, not the direct result of anyone’s erudition. These thoughts and the on-again-off-again homeschooling of the pandemic have made me wonder: what is the place for curiosity within the Kingdom of Christ?

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Merry Christmastide from the Rabbit Room

By Andrew Peterson

[Editor’s note: This post was originally written as a letter to the Rabbit Room email list the day after the Winter Solstice, on Tuesday, December 22nd. We share it here both as an offering of closure to the year 2020 and as a first step in the direction of hope for the year ahead.]

Merry Christmas, friends of the Rabbit Room!

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Creative Complaint

By Andrew Roycroft

The term “cognitive dissonance” has become lamentably familiar in our culture. It describes a sense of conflict in our thinking, a feeling of being unable to line up what we see with what we believe; how we feel with how we know we should behave. Given the weight of world headlines and the proximity of the issues it describes, it is little wonder that this experience is so common.

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Name Him Yeshua

By Hannah Hubin

What do we need from a New Year’s post? What do we say?

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A Lesson & A Carol

By The Rabbit Room

Merry Christmas from the Rabbit Room! Can you believe we’ve made it this far?

This Christmas is a complicated one, of course. We certainly wish you joy and merriment, and yet there are countless good reasons why you may not feel altogether cheerful. So on this Christmas Day, we’d like to offer you a lesson and a carol, so to speak—meaning, a poem by Andrew Roycroft and a song by Jess Ray, each of which speak specifically to where we find ourselves this Christmas.

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Honesty and Community: A Conversation with David Taylor & Jason Gray

By Christina Blount

This past year has given us all a hard shake, and the season of Advent has been a welcome relief. It seems we’re experiencing transformation personally, within our own homes, and collectively, as a nation. We’ve all been brought face to face with our own vulnerability, fears, limitations, and need for community. Just so, it was a privilege to capture this timely conversation with author and scholar W. David O. Taylor and singer-songwriter Jason Gray, as they met for the first time to explore the topics of honesty and community in their recent works.

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Advent, Week Four: The Peace of Pierced Souls

By Amy Baik Lee

“He wants us to have peace. Happiness. Not to bring suffering on ourselves.”

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