The Art of the Ebenezer

By Jodi Hiser

In the spring of 1758, as the pale yellow primroses trumpeted their arrival, a young pastor sat down to write some poetry. Robert Robinson, a twenty-three-year-old pastor serving at the Calvinist Methodist Chapel in Norfolk, England, had lived his early adult years running away from the haunting guilt of his sin. But God, in His great mercy, had saved this young man, and Robert had decided to give the rest of his life to the ministry of the Gospel.

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Frederick Buechner on The Goodness of Good Friday

By Matt Conner

Much has been said about the stages of Holy Week, reflecting upon the final days of Jesus’s ministry and life, but few writers have handled the subject so beautifully as Frederick Buechner. There are reasons we turn to Buechner’s thoughtful work again and again, and it felt right to allow his words to reflect on the very real goodness of Good Friday.

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A Holy Task

By John Michael Heard

“Holy, holy, holy!”

With these words, the four living creatures gathered around the throne of God cry out at the sight of the slain lamb in Revelation. Not just “Holy!” But “Holy, holy, holy!” As if speaking it once could not capture the scope of what they were trying to communicate.

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The Joy of Going Without: On Camping and Lent

By Jenna Herrington

A few years ago, I overheard a friend of mine ask a man from Nigeria what he thought was the strangest part of American culture. Without missing a beat, he answered, “Camping.”

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Ash Wednesday and the Culture of Death

By Matt Conner

Every year on Ash Wednesday, I find myself thinking about my appreciation for and friendship with Father Thomas McKenzie, a dear companion of so many in the Rabbit Room community. Beyond the shared stories and meaningful moments, the most impactful aspect of knowing Thomas was seeing the centrality of Jesus at work in his life.

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Introducing Memphis Arts Moot

By Judy Kimmel

“Hey, I just saw the announcement about no Homebound this year. Wondering if there’s any chance there might be a ‘901 moot’ in the offing?” 

I sent this message to Eddy Efaw, the only person I knew who was involved with Hutchmoot Homebound in 2020 and 2021. All I wanted to know was whether or not someone was already planning a faith and arts conference for Memphis (the “901”, in local parlance). If so, I definitely wanted to attend.

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Everywhere I Go, I’m Looking: Rich Mullins and the Spirituality of Place

By Andrew Stanton-Henry

My first job was working as a landscaper. It was demanding work, demanding because it was hard work in the hot sun, all day long. It also required attention to the smallest detail without losing sight of the landscape in which you were working. 

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The Man Who Built the Lord’s House

By Bethany J. Melton

I remember Frank as an old man, always kneeling in some corner to measure or drill, quietly with trembly hands. I remember staring at the nub where I’d heard he’d lost a finger to a chop saw, and wondering if it was still lying in his shop somewhere.

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The Rings of Power: An Invitation

By Livi Goodgame

If you have already begun the adventure of watching and discussing the Amazon Prime show titled The Rings of Power, hello fellow traveler! Isn’t this exciting? If you are on the fence, having second thoughts, or even not giving it any second thoughts, keep reading. It is my mission to nudge you out the door, down the road, and get you swept up into Middle-Earth in the Second Age. 

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The Subversive Ordinariness of ‘Andor’ and ‘The Chosen’

By Houston Coley

Sometime recently, I was bubbling over with praise once again for the new Star Wars series, Andor, and my wife said something that struck me. “It sounds like you like this show for the same reasons we’ve liked The Chosen.”

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Hope and Hardship

By Jamin Still

If someone were to ask me, “What is it you’re trying to do with your creative work?” I think I would say, “I want to give hope, but acknowledge hardship.”

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Grandrabbit Prayers for Christmas and the New Year

By Pete Peterson

Wayne Garvey is a retired Methodist pastor, a neighbor, and a dear friend who leads the Rabbit Room team in prayer each Monday morning. I’m not sure exactly when he started showing up, but over the last few years he’s become a fixture around North Wind Manor and things don’t seem complete without him anymore. We’ve even adopted him as the unofficial Rabbit Room chaplain and have dubbed him the “Grandrabbit.”

Wayne is always a delight to have in the room, but I especially appreciate the care he takes in writing a unique prayer for us as we start each week. He’s a wonderful writer and his kindness, care, and love for all of us (and all of you) come through loud and clear in his words. So this year, we asked him to turn his talents to writing these five prayers for Rabbit Room readers around the world.

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