Getting Ethan #3

By Jonny Jimison

Click through for this week’s Getting Ethan comics. Read More ›

Cosmo and Deja Vu

By Rebecca Reynolds

I grew up in a home with scientists, so when a parent would ask me to run and get a container of Cool Whip out of the chest freezer, finding the right tub would usually take three or four tries. I might find owl pellets, Read More ›

Getting Ethan (Week One)

By Jonny Jimison

Once upon a time, before I was a cartoonist, I was in college.

My first major ventures into cartooning were a distillation of what stuck with me from college – the friendships, the uncertainty, the weird mini-adventures around town, the late-night video game binges Read More ›

Truth-telling in the Dark

By Jonny Jimison

I hope you’ve encountered the writing of Helena Sorensen – but if not, I want to introduce you to a trilogy of novels that strike me to the core — Shiloh, Seeker, and Songbird. Read More ›

How to Armor

By Jonny Jimison

Have you entered the Dragon Lord Saga yet? Part epic fantasy, part slapstick comedy, the saga follows brothers Martin and Marco Millar in their encounters with talking horses, cloaked bandits, cursed satchels, royal conspiracies, dangerous desperadoes and, of course, dragons. Read More ›

The Heartfelt Hilarity of Olan Rogers

By Chris Yokel

The advent of YouTube in 2005 created an unprecedented opportunity for average people to create content and share it with the world. Of course, a lot of people took this opportunity to just create Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Russ Ramsey

By Jonathan Rogers

If you aren’t reading Russ Ramsey’s Behold the King of Glory this Lenten season, you ought to be. It’s the best Lenten devotion I’ve ever seen or heard tell of. Get his Advent devotional, Behold the Lamb of God, Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Nancy Guthrie

By Jonathan Rogers

Besides being the author of more than a dozen books and contributing regularly to The Gospel CoalitionNancy Guthrie is a much sought-after speaker and retreat leader. She and her husband David live in Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Andrew Peterson

By Jonathan Rogers

Andrew Peterson usually gets interviewed by publications like CCM Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, and World Magazine. He was kind enough to take a break from talking to respectable journalists in Read More ›

Sad Stories Told For Laughs: Eric Peters

By Jonathan Rogers

Eric Peters is a great songwriter (check out his music here). He is also a bibliophile (check out his Bookmole online bookstore/book-finding service), a visual artist (here’s some of his Read More ›

Subjects With Objects Unplugged: Untitled 16

By Doug McKelvey

An Explanation for the Uninitiated:
Subjects With Objects is an ongoing, collaborative art project forever ordered according to the following rules: A shadowy public spaces painter sets up in pubs and executes spontaneous portraits at the rate of Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Doug McKelvey

By Jonathan Rogers

Doug McKelvey is an exceedingly thoughtful and outlandishly funny author, songwriter, and filmmaker. One of the great pleasures of this year’s Hutchmoot was to see first-hand the joy of Read More ›