Interview: Jennifer Trafton, author of Henry and the Chalk Dragon

By Lanier Ivester

Jennifer Trafton’s much-anticipated Henry and the Chalk Dragon is a romp through the “what ifs” of an imagination run wild. It’s a companion for children feeling self-conscious about Read More ›

Interview with Ron Block and Rebecca Reynolds

By Mark Geil

Good music has a way of fostering community, and sometimes that community begets more good music. A collaborative album between Ron Block and Jeff Taylor has seemed like a natural for years now, and the occasions the two gifted players have shared the stage have built steady anticipation. Read More ›

My Brave Face – Andrew Osenga covers Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello

By Russ Ramsey

Andrew Osenga just released a covers EP, which was a bonus feature of his Heart*Soul*Flesh*Bone 4 EP project, or if you prefer, extended double album. I got a chance to sit down with him and talk about the project– and one cover in particular. Read More ›

BBC to Broadcast Lost Tolkien Recordings

By The Rabbit Room

Recordings of J.R.R. Tolkien thought to have been lost have been rediscovered in the BBC archives and will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 6 August. Read More ›

Taking a Sharp Left at the Far Side of the Sea

By Sarah Geil

Eric Peters’ Far Side of the Sea is a unique concept album, with each song inspired by an object in a photograph taken by the artist himself. But with its haunting honesty and surprising sound, it’s also a fascinating case study on the symbiotic relationship between artist and producer. Read More ›

RR Interview: The Rocketboys’ Brandon Kinder

By Rusty Woods

I’m more than a little excited today. I’ve wanted you to meet Brandon Kinder for a few years now. Brandon calls Austin, Texas, home but grew up in the gritty and grindy city of Memphis, a city we Read More ›

Interview: The Gray Havens

By Matt Conner

While some of our readers will be familiar with your music through the Local Show or other members of the RR family, so to speak, a lot of others will be completely unfamiliar. For those Read More ›

RR Interview: Jillian Edwards

By Rusty Woods

Eddy Efaw and I have had the great privilege of welcoming many visual, musical, and literary artists to the campus of the Harding Academy of Memphis where we work for the Institute for Faith & Arts. Eddy began the program a few years back and Andrew Peterson was our inaugural guest. Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Russ Ramsey

By Jonathan Rogers

If you aren’t reading Russ Ramsey’s Behold the King of Glory this Lenten season, you ought to be. It’s the best Lenten devotion I’ve ever seen or heard tell of. Get his Advent devotional, Behold the Lamb of God, Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Nancy Guthrie

By Jonathan Rogers

Besides being the author of more than a dozen books and contributing regularly to The Gospel CoalitionNancy Guthrie is a much sought-after speaker and retreat leader. She and her husband David live in Read More ›

Sad Stories Told for Laughs: Andrew Peterson

By Jonathan Rogers

Andrew Peterson usually gets interviewed by publications like CCM Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, and World Magazine. He was kind enough to take a break from talking to respectable journalists in Read More ›

The Lifegiving Home: an interview with Sally and Sarah Clarkson

By Lanier Ivester

Sally and Sarah Clarkson released a beautiful book into the world this week: The Lifegiving Home. I’m sure I need only say that our own dear Sarah had a hand in it to make everyone rush out and buy it without Read More ›