Free Music! Jeremy Casella’s Death in Reverse

By Jen Rose Yokel

In the vast amount of music I’ve listened to over the years, there are only a few albums that I’d call “transcendent,” and that looks awfully dramatic now that I see it in writing. Read More ›

Chris Thile, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Eucatastrophe in Music

By Drew Miller

 [Editor’s note: Say hello to Drew Miller. Some of you will remember his band, The Orchardist, from the Local Show last month. I love the way he thinks about music. Read this post and you’ll see why.] 

Starting at about 47:06 in the video below, Chris Thile reflects on his style of composing music and says: Read More ›

Jennen’s Messiah

By Matthew Aughtry

During my time at seminary I became enamored with the lives of the saints. Perhaps “enamored” comes across the wrong way—my Protestant roots run deep enough that I’m wary of turning anyone or anything Read More ›

THE GRAY HAVENS: Two New Albums!

By The Rabbit Room

Ghost of a King was one of our favorite albums of last year, and we’re super excited to hear about this new project. Here’s what David and Licia have to say about it:

Community has been a huge part of The Gray Havens over the past four years. Our listeners have hosted Read More ›

New Music: Emily Roig’s Refuge

By The Rabbit Room

If you’re looking for something new to listen to, check out the new album from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Emily Roig. Refuge just hit the streets this morning and she’s streaming the entire record. Click through to listen. And visit for more information. Read More ›

Diving Into Lent (through books, film, music, & a podcast)

By Chris Yokel

While I have long been an appreciator of the church calendar, Lent is the season that I have taken the longest to appreciate, mostly due to shallow evangelical understandings of Roman Catholic traditions (fish on Fridays?). Read More ›

“It Will Be Summer Again.”

By Andrew Peterson

A few months back I posted a song by one of my new favorite artists, the Swedish band A Treehouse Wait. I’m telling you guys, this album is gorgeous. The production is lush and tasteful and super creative, and they do a great job of Read More ›

Songs from Struck

By Russ Ramsey

I started writing songs when I was in High School. In recent years, life, calling, and family have redirected my creative bandwidth to other endeavors—good work I love and happily give myself to. But in recent years a desire to write songs has returned. So I’ve been knocking off the rust a little. Read More ›

Conference: Your Imagination Redeemed

By The Rabbit Room

When you read a book that stirs your spirit and captures your imagination, what is it in that tale that makes you feel so awakened and alive? Read More ›

Kickstarting a Slugs & Bugs Double Feature

By Randall Goodgame

In January, I started work on my newest project with the brilliant Ben Shive, and this week, we officially launched our Kickstarter campaign to help fund the recording of Sing the Bible Volume 3 and Sing the Bible Christmas—both word-for-word Scripture CDs. Read More ›

The Local Show Returns!

By The Rabbit Room

The Local Show returns tonight, and it’s coming back in true Nashville fashion. Guests include Buddy Greene, Jeff Taylor, Sierra Hull, Ron Block, and John Roberts—which means there probably won’t be any bluegrass.

But wait! That’s not all the news we’ve got.  Read More ›

Interview with Ron Block and Rebecca Reynolds

By Mark Geil

Good music has a way of fostering community, and sometimes that community begets more good music. A collaborative album between Ron Block and Jeff Taylor has seemed like a natural for years now, and the occasions the two gifted players have shared the stage have built steady anticipation. Read More ›