Behind Bellsburg: Celebrating 25 Years of Rich Mullins

By Dave Trout

A friend once told me, “I hate tribute albums,” and honestly, I get why people feel this way. Yet something compelled the creative team of Old Bear Records, UTR Media, and Andrew Greer to press on for nearly three years of work to release Bellsburg… The Songs of Rich Mullins.

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Meet November’s Local Show participants

By Livi Goodgame

We love getting the chance to share meaningful music here at the Rabbit Room. It is an honor to be able to showcase different artists in the community who are not only great singer-songwriters but also great friends.

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A House Concert and the Magic of Fellowship

By Trailand Eltzroth

“We’ve been invited to a house concert where Son of Laughter will be sharing. I’d really like to go,” my wife said. I didn’t need any convincing. “Awesome, which grandmother should I ask to babysit?” I replied.

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Rich Mullins, The Sparrow-Watcher

By Kevin Burrell

My mother wept when Elvis died. I was an eight-year-old kid watching a woman shed tears for a person she’d never met, and frankly, it didn’t compute. I couldn’t fathom that a person’s life and lyrics could possibly reach through a needle on a vinyl record and find resonance with total strangers.

It was only when Rich Mullins died, twenty-five years ago today, that I finally understood.

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Redemption in the Wreckage: A Review of Drew Miller’s There Will Be Surprises

By John Barber

In Drew Miller’s aptly titled new album There Will be Surprises, unexpected delights lurk around every corner, and the result is a musical and lyrical feast. From the opening phrase, “Father, your world’s on fire,” to the powerful closing track, Miller takes us on a winding journey that explores the complexity of God’s providence and His goodness.

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Old Favorites: Andy Osenga’s ‘Leonard the Lonely Astronaut’

By Mark Geil

The year was 2012, and I was at my third Hutchmoot, my first as photographer. In the three years the event had existed, a tradition had emerged called the “Lagniappe” — a mysterious, secret event that followed the keynote but was on the quirkier side (think Shakespearean Star Wars). That year at the Church of the Redeemer, the schedule gave a little clue: 8:30 pm – Reveille. 

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Speaking What I Feel: An Interview with Eric Peters

By Matt Conner

The maelstrom of the last few years has proven difficult for singer-songwriter Eric Peters, but the resulting growth has given way to a new set of songs that chronicle those experiences in a meaningful way.

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Call It Good: Propaganda, Carolyn Arends, Andrew Peterson, & Pete Peterson

By The Rabbit Room

New to the Rabbit Room Podcast Network is Call It Good: Conversations on Creative Confidence. Hosted by Matt Conner (host of The Resistance), Call It Good is a limited series of conversations with authors, artists, and pastors about the invitation before us to join with the Spirit in the act of re-creating the world.

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An Interview with Hannah Hubin

By Drew Miller

Have you listened to All the Wrecked Light yet? It’s a gorgeous, collaborative album of music, a lyrical exposition of Psalm 90, and a meditation on Holy Saturday, all in one. Wait until it’s dark outside, light a candle, put on some headphones, and press play. And then, when you’re ready to dig deeper, read this interview. As you’ll soon see, creator and lyricist Hannah Hubin is full of insight and eloquence, and her observations here will assist you in savoring All the Wrecked Light for all it’s worth.

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Deeper Into Collaboration, Part 2: Jill Phillips interviews Ben Shive

By The Rabbit Room

Have you listened to the new Jill Phillips record yet? If you haven’t, stop everything and listen immediately. Then, when you’ve finished crying, come back here and read this beautiful interview where Jill asks Ben Shive (who worked with her to produce the record) some questions about the heart of his love for music, the complimentary gifts of writing and producing, the diverse destinies of various songs, and much more.

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Vinyl & CD Pre-orders: There Will Be Surprises

By The Rabbit Room

We have an exciting update on an album we’ve been looking forward to since it was funded through Kickstarter last fall: Drew Miller’s There Will Be Surprises. You can hear the whole album today—months before its release—when you pre-order a limited edition vinyl or CD through the Rabbit Room Store. Read on for more details.

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Breathing Again: Long Covid & All the Wrecked Light

By Leah McMichael

I was a little dizzy when All The Wrecked Light livestreamed during the last week of Lent in 2021. As a grad student, I couldn’t afford to do just one thing at a time, so I was roasting discount vegetables as my wireless headphones negotiated with the Wi-Fi. I only caught snatches of the dove over the water and breath taken back again. Two months into long Covid, that sounded familiar.

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