The Power of Story: A Review of Slugs & Bugs Books

By Carolyn Leiloglou

Our family has long enjoyed Randall Goodgame’s Slugs & Bugs albums, and even though my older kids have outgrown asking for them, you might still overhear my 14-year old singing “Tractor Tractor” on occasion. What makes those albums so appealing is Goodgame’s ability to draw kids in with his just-right balance of silliness and sincerity, laughter and lesson.

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The Slugs & Bugs Show: A Review

By David Mitchel

One of the great words of the New Testament, to which Jesus himself gave the greatest importance when he used it in instituting the Eucharist, is anamnesis, remembrance. Christ’s institution placed at the center of our lives a gift and a discipline. The discipline is recalling a Person from the back of our minds into the focus our mind’s eye. The gift is that the Person we recall is Christ himself.

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For Those Who Rage Without Knowing Why

By Shigé Clark

A few weeks ago, I finally sat down and listened to Breaking Benjamin’s latest album Ember, and it has since become one of my favorite albums. Something fundamental clicked into place for me with this piece, and I’ve been trying for the last few weeks to unravel exactly what that is.

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Album Review: Finch in the Pantry by The Arcadian Wild

By Chris Thiessen

As the great philosopher once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I think I deceive myself into believing I’m pretty good at following that advice. I take time to stop and engage meaningful art on a daily basis, sure. But I’m an expert in avoiding life’s stresses by lesser means too.

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The Quest of Illegal: A Graphic Novel Review

By Jonny Jimison

Ebo’s older brother, Kwame, is gone—gone from their village in Ghana, out toward Europe, to seek a better life. First Ebo’s sister, now Kwame.

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On The Book of Mistakes 

By Jenna Badeker

Today, I present to you a children’s book by Corinna Luyken. As is so often the case with me, it was a picture book that succinctly and delicately spoke the simple truth I needed to hear and moved me to tears.

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Reflections on the New Tolkien Film

By The Rabbit Room

The Rabbit Room staff was lucky to attend a pre-screening of Tolkien before it officially hit theaters. Feeling protective of our beloved author, we all shared a good helping of skepticism going in—but, delightfully, our skepticism was assuaged, laughter was had, and as the credits rolled, we heaved a collective sigh of deep relief. At the very least, it was a heartwarming film, clearly sincere in its quest to faithfully represent the maker of Middle-earth. What follows are the thoughts of Chris Thiessen, Andrew Peterson, and Shigé Clark (in that order) after seeing the film.

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New Music from The Corner Room

By Jen Rose Yokel

If you’re looking for some new music for the Easter season, our friends at The Corner Room have a new album out this month! Following the tradition of their Psalms records and Love Never Ends, With His Wounds We Are Healed is a musical interpretation of Isaiah 53, told in five elegantly arranged movements.

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Film Review: Mary Magdalene

By Pete Peterson

Last year about this time, Jennifer and I watched a movie called Risen about the aftermath of the Crucifixion. The film turned out to be mostly good (which is saying a lot considering Jesus literally takes off like a rocket ship during the ascension).

I have a difficult time watching film adaptations of biblical stories because when they come from a Christian production team, they tend to misunderstand the art of filmmaking and storytelling, and when they come from secular production teams, they tend to misunderstand Christianity. Rare is the film that lands in the middle. Risen, however, took a unique perspective on the Resurrection story and mostly succeeded. I considered it a win.

So why was Jennifer crying when it ended?

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Captain Marvel: Subverting Expectations

By Jonny Jimison

Last year, a wild, devastating galactic ride called Infinity War roared into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I shared my thoughts in a post here at the Rabbit Room because I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm. Now I find myself in the same situation, this time with the newest MCU film, Captain Marvel. So just like last time, let me emphasize that this article assumes you have seen the movie. Major spoilers ahead!

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Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson Help Us To Pray

By Chris Yokel

If I’m honest, I’ve followed Jesus most of my life, and sometimes I don’t know how to pray.

If you’ve been part of the Christian spiritual tradition for any length of time, you probably have collected a few ideas of what prayer is and is not, both from teaching and practice. Is prayer just pulling the lever of a cosmic slot machine and hoping everything lines up? Is prayer a non-verbal, mystical experience of the Divine? Is prayer simply reciting the words of other saints from the past? Does God need my prayers or do I need them?

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Album Review: Jess Ray’s Parallels + Meridians

By Adam Whipple

Jess Ray’s music defied the conventions of debut releases. She seemed, with 2015’s Sentimental Creatures, to have leapt right into her stride. Now, this year’s Parallels + Meridians jumps equally as far ahead of its excellent predecessors.

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