Wait ‘Til Next Year

By Dave Trout

I have been deeply connected to the Chicago Cubs for the last 33 years. My uncle Steve was a starting pitcher on the team in 1983-87. His father (my grandfather) Dizzy Trout was an All-Star pitcher for Read More ›

Meanwhile in the Forums: Baseball, Kubo, Kickstarter, Community, & more

By The Rabbit Room

Lots going on in the forums this week. We love hearing all the new voices in the room and there are great conversations taking shape all the time. Not sure where to jump in? Here are a few ideas: Read More ›

Baseball: The Perfect Game

By David Mitchel

Last season Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper posted an astonishing stat line: four plate appearances, zero at-bats, four walks, four runs, one RBI. Before Harper last year, no one had posted that Read More ›

Words of Wisdom from Jimmy Dougan

By Andrew Peterson

Our family watched A League of Their Own the other night (still a good movie, by the way) and there’s this moment where Tom Hanks tells Geena Davis that baseball is “supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would Read More ›

The Silent Game of Football

By Joe Sutphin

Growing up, I had a clock radio at my headboard. As a rule, I was to be in bed by ten. This posed a problem for me on Monday nights, because I had to miss my favorite show, Monday Night Football. But I had a Read More ›

Tiger Becomes Human

By Eric Peters

At the Eric Peters Laboratory of Well-Timed Featurettes, I am constantly striving to bring you all manner of entertainment from near and afar. After reading and writing solely about such Read More ›

People Don’t Boo Nobodies

By Russ Ramsey

This may be a Rabbit Room first, but this post is about sports.  Yes, sports.  In particular, baseball.  The playoffs begin this week for this game many people find to be one of the dullest professional sports Read More ›

On Stage

By Curt McLey

Nebraska football fans are passionate. I know this to be true because I am one and have been for most of my life. As a preteen boy, before most of the games were on T.V., I had a game day routine. My popcorn Read More ›