Hutchmoot UK 2023 Tickets Available

By Matt Conner

On 18–21 May 2023, the Rabbit Room will convene the third Hutchmoot UK at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire. You’re invited to come and enjoy a weekend of live music, delicious food and conversation, and a series of discussions centred on art, faith, and the telling of great stories across a range of mediums.

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Giving Tuesday at the Rabbit Room

By Elly Anderson

Defining what the Rabbit Room is about is not the shortest or simplest of endeavors. I’ve learned this over the past year and a half when catching up with loved ones and sharing about my life here in Nashville. Though I know many dread giving the “work update” to friends and family during the holiday season, it’s a delight for me. 

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Forge the Ring, Pass the Soup

By Pete Peterson

I’ve read the Lord of the Rings so many times I have sizable swaths of it memorized. It doesn’t require much to get me reciting lines about the sound of horns echoing dimly in dark Mindolluin’s sides, or to call out a foul dwimmerlaik for his deeds and trespasses. I’ve loved Tolkien since I first read him. I always will. And I know I’m not alone.

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Come Work with the Rabbit Room!

By Andy Patton

Accounts Manager

As our Accounts Manager, you will be in charge of the Rabbit Room’s bookkeeping and accounts. You will get to oversee the clear and orderly recording of Rabbit Room finances, invoices, gifts, paychecks, and donations and coordinate with third parties to execute our annual audit and tax filings.

To Apply

Email pete@rabbitroom.com with your resume and a cover letter to apply.

Introducing The Gospel in Dickens: Selections from His Works

By The Rabbit Room

Wish you had time to re-read and enjoy that daunting stack of Charles Dickens novels? Take heart: Dickens enthusiast Gina Dalfonzo has done the heavy lifting for you.

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UK Gift Exchange

By Pete Peterson

Sadly, the folks in Europe always get left out of the Gift Exchange due to the complexities and costs of overseas shipping. But this year they’ve had enough and they’ve taken matters into their own hands.

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Rabbit Trails: Holiday Edition, Vol. 2

By Jonny Jimison

On this Christmas Day of 2018, Jonny Jimison presents Rabbit Trails: Holiday Edition, Volume 2. Click through for some high-quality Christmas shenanigans.

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Hutchmoot 2018: Re-entry

By Drew Miller

Let us now collectively exhale.

If you’ve taken three or four spontaneous naps since this weekend, please know you’re not alone. I write from North Wind Manor after our weekly staff meeting—I believe all our eyelids are a little heavier than they were a week ago, but our hearts are full to overflowing.

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Rabbit Trails #10

By Jonny Jimison

Click through for this week’s edition of Jonny Jimison’s Rabbit Trails.

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The Painted Desert

By Andrew Osenga

Hey there, Rabbits! I’m so excited to share with you that my new record, The Painted Desert, is finally available.

I thought I was done making records, then life happened and I had some things I needed to write about. Turns out, this is my favorite record of anything I’ve ever done. Read More ›

Hutchmoot 2017: Re-entry

By Pete Peterson

I don’t know about you, but I had fun this weekend. From an amazing Rabbit Room LIVE (Sho Baraka!) to Fernando Ortega (“He’s come for the pimples!) to John Cal (“Hard Times Come Again No More”) to Read More ›

Getting Ethan (Week Two)

By Jonny Jimison

 Getting Ethan is back for week two! Click through for this week’s comic strips. Read More ›