Rhyming Between the Lines

By Doug McKelvey

At Hutchmoot-most-recent I was delighted to join the company of N. D. Wilson and Helena Sorenson for a session on fictional world-building. More comfortable leaning on pre-thought thoughts than trying to formulate new ideas in public, I began by Read More ›

Everlasting Is the Past: Chris Fabry interview with Walter Wangerin

By Pete Peterson

A while back, Chris Fabry at Moody Radio interviewed Walt Wangerin about a host of things, including his memoir, Everlasting Is the Past (Rabbit Room Press). It’s a great interview and it’s now available to stream. Read More ›

This Is for All the Lonely Writers

By Jennifer Trafton

She sat in the second row amidst a noisy gaggle of fourth graders. She was petite and olive-skinned, and her dark eyes measured me as I paced back and forth and pontificated about matter ethereal and authorial. Read More ›

Behind the Scenes: The Battle of Franklin

By Pete Peterson

The Battle of Franklin opened this past weekend and I’m exceedingly grateful to all the folks who have worked so hard (and are still working hard) to bring it to the stage. Read More ›

Returning to the Stage: The Battle of Franklin

By Pete Peterson

Writing The Battle of Franklin and watching it come to life on stage was one of the highlights of 2016. Director Matt Logan, songwriter Patrick Thomas, and an amazing cast of Nashville’s best talent breathed life into the story in ways that took my breath away and made it even better than I imagined. Read More ›

Cruciform Imagination, Part 1: Simile & Metaphor

By Drew Miller

As you know, metaphor and simile are not at all the same thing. The distinction between the two makes all the difference in the world. Let’s compare them using the song: Read More ›

Every Moment Holy: A Liturgy for Writers of Fiction

By Pete Peterson

Every Moment Holy is scheduled to print in just a few weeks. This past weekend at the Rabbit Room Writers Fellowship, we read through one of the liturgies to close our meeting. I thought I’d share it Read More ›

July 8th: Rabbit Room Writers’ Fellowship

By Pete Peterson

If you’re a writer and would like a chance to get to know some of your fellow writers, you’re welcome to join us next Saturday afternoon. The Rabbit Room Writers’ Fellowship will meet at North Wind Manor on July 8th @ 2pm. Read More ›

To a Schoolgirl in America: Writing Advice from C. S. Lewis

By Andrew Peterson

I was browsing my copy of Letters of C. S. Lewis (a British first edition, of course!)  and happened upon this little gem. Those of us who write would do well to heed this advice—especially the part about Read More ›

Writing With Flannery O’Connor: An Online Creative Writing Course

By Jonathan Rogers

Besides being a brilliant writer, Flannery O’Connor wrote quite a bit about the craft of writing. In this six-week online course, we will look at O’Connor’s essays about writing in Mystery and Manners, examine ways that she implemented her principles in her short stories, and Read More ›

The Adventures of Fenigus March

By Jamin Still

This year I started a project called The Adventures of Fenigus March. It will be a series of paintings with accompanying one-page short stories that will eventually be put into a book. Read More ›

Unsolicited Writing Advice: Be Less Introspective

By Jonathan Rogers

Writers write because they have seen something in the world around them, and they want to show it to someone else. Why, then, do we writers spend so much of our writing time thinking about ourselves? Read More ›