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Wow, all, I loved reading your musings. Every one sounds delightful. I love how they’re chock full of the simple pleasures – bacon, stars, bleached trunks, friendships.

@chrisyokel, that poem was fabulous! I was especially drawn to the line, “that catch an eddy in the stream of your mind.” What a great image. @uamv, thanks for sharing that sweet photo of your daughter on the carousel! I loved how it brought your little narrative to life. @rebeccareynolds, I would love to hear what your second “perfect day” description is.

Today, I had the chance to put this subject into practice. I was feeling lonely this morning because nobody was available to spend time with, so I decided to drive to Old Town Sacramento and spend the afternoon along the waterfront, staring at paddle boats and eating an ice cream cone. I even stumbled into an Irish pub and ordered bangers and mash. It was the best afternoon I could imagine, and I’m really thankful I got to experience it alone, too.