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i got SeaFall for Christmas and am looking forward to playing it with our gaming Geeks. We’ve played through the prologue twice (it’s a legacy game but the prologue doesn’t require changes; it’s just a ramp into the rules and world) and it seems like there might be a good story in it. It’s a seafaring epic with a prophetically tragic backstory, it looks like, so that’s got to be awesome.

Meanwhile, has anyone played this? i just ran across it by accident and it looks interesting.

Oh, and we got this for our six-year-old niece for Christmas and it’s super cool. There’s a maze under the board which is reconfigurable, and you use magnets to navigate it, so you’ve got to figure it out as you go. And the design is really pretty, too.

Since we’re talking about Christmas, did anyone else get new games?

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