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  • Concordia seems like one we’ve picked up, “Santorini.” It’s a good two-player strategy game… I love it but can’t get my hubby to play much (maybe because he keeps losing?) The basic premise/rules is really easy, but there is a lot of strategy and trying to maneuver around the other player.

    Lately, we’ve been playing either Marvel Legendary or Manhattan Project. Deck builder and worker placements are two of our favorite kinds.


    Pandemic Legacy is the #1 ranking game at BoardGameGeek.  Does anyone know how the Legacy sequels compare to the original Pandemic?

    @scheb0rk, first of all, drop everything you’re doing and go play Pandemic Legacy right now.

    Second: Do you mean, how does Pandemic Legacy compare to the original Pandemic? Or how does Pandemic Legacy Season 2 compare to Season 1? Or how do the other Legacy games compare to Pandemic?

    Pandemic Legacy is way better than regular Pandemic, although i suspect that if you’re familiar with the base rules you’ll pick up the Legacy stuff more quickly. We haven’t started Season 2 yet so i can’t directly compare them, but @jwhittle saw a video review that he said looked very promising (link please?). We’ve tried playing SeaFall and haven’t been impressed, and haven’t played Risk Legacy at all.

    @mrs-hittle, you answered my question.  Even Amazon is having a hard time keeping Pandemic Legacy (Season 1) in stock, and I wanted a comparison to know if it was worth purchasing over the original Pandemic, or if it was just the original repackaged.

    This gives me an opportunity to open Pandora’s Box and ask a question that is heretical to some:  Is there value in playing boardgames on…..a computer/tablet/phone?   There is a Pandemic app for ipad/iphone that is well reviewed (and only $5).  Does playing such a game with others on an iPad diminish the fellowship of playing?

    Here’s the review I watched for Season 2. They work to avoid spoilers.

    If you haven’t played the base game, play that first; I can’t imagine one would appreciate what Legacy brings if one weren’t familiar with the base game. If you’ve played Pandemic but not Season 1 of Pandemic Legacy, stop what your doing and get Season 1. It is the best thing we’ve done in gaming in the last few years.

    From what I’ve seen of Season 2, specifically what looks like some sort of map discovery thing going on, I wouldn’t recommend going straight to it. However, we haven’t actually played it yet, so I might be wrong.


    This gives me an opportunity to open Pandora’s Box and ask a question that is heretical to some: Is there value in playing boardgames on…..a computer/tablet/phone? There is a Pandemic app for ipad/iphone that is well reviewed (and only $5). Does playing such a game with others on an iPad diminish the fellowship of playing?

    I see you posted right before me earlier. Get the app for $5.

    Regarding electronic versus physical board games: As long as people have a way to talk, I think the core experience of people having fun together is fundamentally preserved. We’ve had some success playing over the internet. You lose a lot there, but it still kinda works. Everyone in a room passing around an iPad would have to be better. I imagine it’s easier for people to lose focus, but it’s still everyone in the room having fun.

    7Dec2017:  Amazon has Strategy Games on sale today, including Ticket to Ride for $25:






    Yeah, tons of good deals in there (except I already own most of them! :blush: )

    Dixit at 16 is can’t-miss if you don’t already own it.

    Some other good ones:
    Kingdomino for 14
    Photosynthesis for 31
    Imhotep for 20
    Sheriff of Nottingham expansion for 16
    Indigo for 17

    BTW, any of y’all on BoardGameGeek itself? Would love to add you guys and stalk check out y’all’s collections! I’m aaj94 over there.

    Web designer, web developer, writer.

    @admin, are you recommending Dixit just because you get to move little rabbits around the board?  😉

    Au contraire! 😉

    It’s one of our favorite games 🙂 I love it when the hints force you to learn about the person who gave the hint (my favorites: giving a hint about my feelings, such as ‘my first kiss’ or something, and sound effects. Sound effect hints are great!)


    Web designer, web developer, writer.

    I love a community that loves to game! I’d like to highlight two games that have not received due attention in this thread.

    1. Photosynthesis (2017), strategy, 2-4 players

    This game is brilliant.

    You are a species of tree (oak, maple, pine, or linden) competing for light in an ecosystem, ending the life cycle of your biggest trees to collect soil tokens (victory points). The artwork is spectacular and three-dimensional. It’s pretty easy to learn because nearly every game mechanic is firmly rooted in the theme. Light is the currency, shade is the offense, and that big yellow rotating sun piece is why you need to plan ahead.

    2. Concept (2014), guessing game, 2+ players

    Image result for concept game

    I’ve gotten so much mileage out of this one. Concept is a guessing game in which 1-2 people have a word or phrase that they’re trying to communicate to the rest of the crew. They do this by placing a question mark (the main concept), exclamation points (related concepts), or small cubes (modifiers to a same-colored concept) next to any of a fixed set of icons on the board (including gender, material, field of study, shape, color, etc.). For example, in the picture above, the main concept is maybe a tall black man having to do with recreation; a related concept is probably the Windy City (yellow).

    It’s a steep climb to get familiar with what’s available on the board, but after that it’s a grand time. Also, there’s no good way to compete in this game. I find that it’s far more collaborative in nature.

    Huh, I can’t seem to find my post. Says it’s there on the board index, but the last reply I see is @lord-thoan ‘s. Sooooo I guess I’ll post again! I’ve now read through & enjoyed this entire thread. I want Pandemic: Legacy so badly, but I have a terrible time spending money on myself (probably a good problem to have). Good to see that my desire is justified. I’m also intrigued by Concept, but I don’t know if it would really work with my regular game group.

    My regular game group leans towards social deduction games, but we’re so tired of Mafia & Werewolf that we’ve branched out. We really like Secret Hitler, & I just played an intriguing one called–I kid you not–Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space. Spyfall‘s a fun one, too, although we found it can be easy to get into a rut with that one.

    I was given T.I.M.E. Stories for Christmas, & let me tell you, I have just fallen in love with it. It’s one of the absolute best-designed games I’ve played. I also really enjoy Mysterium, & I’ve been steadily introducing that one to our friends.

    Anyone else play any of those?

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