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  • Laure Hittle

    First, click the Register button. i’m using Chrome, so some of your buttons might look a little different, but the the Login and Register buttons will always be at the top left, no matter what.

    Fill in all the fields. You’ll see both “Name” and “Username.” “Name” is what you want to appear on all your posts. You can use your full name if you want, or something else. “Username” is a shorter version, and it’ll appear around the site with @ in front of it. People can tag you in posts by typing @ and your username. Look to the left of any of my posts, including the one you’re currently reading, and under my photo and name you’ll see that my username is mrs-hittle, and it appears @mrs-hittle. (See how adding @ turned my username into a link? You can click that link to go to my profile. More on that later.) Usernames cannot include spaces, but Names can.

    If you see this bright red “Very Weak” box, don’t freak out. The system wants to keep your account safe. More complicated passwords are harder to break into, so if you’ve only included letters, try adding numbers, other characters, or spaces (you can even type a whole phrase). The different levels of password security are Very Weak, Weak, Moderate, Strong.

    Once you’ve typed everything in and clicked “Complete Sign-Up,” you’ll see a message that says you need to activate your account. Head over to your email inbox and look for a confirmation email. If you don’t see it right away, wait a few seconds, or check your spam folder. Once you see that email, click the activation link, and it’ll take you back to the site and tell you your account is now active. Huzzah! Almost there!

    Head back up to the top left, to the Login and Register buttons, and hit Login. Put your email address (not username; sorry) and password into the boxes. You can click “Remember Me” if you want your browser to fill these in for you the next time you come. (This is a little less secure for you, but if you’re confident that no-one is going to fiddle with your computer, go for it.) Then, click Log In.

    Back at the top left, where you used to see Login and Register, you’ll now see your name and a Log Out button. (You might not see a photo yet. We’ll get to that detail in the “Your Profile” tutorial.)



    Thanks for the tutorial on the new site. I am a newby here and am having trouble getting my account up and running. When I tried to register it sent me to the site but said I had an invalid registration code. Nevertheless my profile seems to be working except that I am unable to start forum topics. I am able to log in. But, as soon as I click on the forums tab it logs me out. I guess it is letting me reply to threads but not start them. Do you have any idea how I might fix this? Thanks.

    @zacharyg i am so sorry to have missed your question for a whole month! You’re experiencing a bug which has been plaguing us since the forum started, which is aggravating but i have good news: All you need to do is reload. Whyever the system is pretending people aren’t logged in when they are i don’t know, but reloading fixes it. i hope you haven’t given up on us entirely in the month it took me to respond. :-/ Come start a forum topic!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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