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  • Hi all. I’m Jesse and I found the RR through a combination of AP, Russ Ramsey, and Jonathan Rogers. I moved to Nashville from Chapel Hill, NC 5 years ago and met all three through church. My wife and I have four kids ages 5 and 7, three boys and two girls (they came in pairs…) so life at home is, uh, full of energy to say the least.

    I’m an Asst Prof of Finance at Vanderbilt, so about half my job is to teach MBA students, the other half is to try to better understand how our financial system works (or doesn’t…). While I don’t consider myself very artistic, my job requires a fair amount of creativity since the essence of research is identifying new and interesting questions that haven’t been addressed before. I also spend a lot of my time writing, though it is more persuasive and technical writing, less creative writing.

    I read a lot, though much of it (recently) is non-fiction on theology and race. I’m also a big fan of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and the like.

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    I read a lot, though much of it (recently) is non-fiction on theology and race.

    Oh, @jblocher, come join us in the upcoming Just Mercy discussions! We would really benefit from your reading.

    And welcome to Nashville! Welcome to the Rabbit Room! 🙂 i’m glad you’re here! Are you by any chance coming to Rabbit Room Live, since you’re right there in town?

    I read a lot, though much of it (recently) is non-fiction on theology and race.

    Oh, @jblocher, come join us in the upcoming Just Mercy discussions! We would really benefit from your reading. And welcome to Nashville! Welcome to the Rabbit Room! 🙂 i’m glad you’re here! Are you by any chance coming to Rabbit Room Live, since you’re right there in town?

    I plan on it!

    Greetings Rabbits (is that correct usage of the term? :P),

    The name is Jace. I’m nineteen and just joined the Rabbit Room yesterday. I was brought here by my sister who is an avid fan of Andrew Peterson and has gotten me hooked on him too. Growing up I was driven to pursue knowledge and critical thought. I studied history and wrote two short history books by the time I was seventeen. In recent years however, my focus has shifted from study and research to more creative writing, poetry and a deep love and fascination with music (though I don’t play/sing/compose). Art has become a passion of mine and even more recently, people have as well. I have always been quite introverted and quiet, the observer hanging in the corner, ingesting the joy of others but never getting my own feet wet in the happy business of community and friendship. Over the past year, God has worked in my heart to bring me to the conclusion that the kingdom of God is built on relationships and that people are the priority. Art has certainly drawn me closer to people and I have great expectations that it will do so in this community.

    At the moment, I’m working (not feverishly, I admit) on a book of biographical sketches of great leaders in modern Western history. I also occasionally grind out a poem or short story/essay when inspiration hits. Musically, I am thinking about trying to learn the banjo and guitar, all while enjoying the musical talents of those who actually possess them. I look forward to building relationships within this community and learning from all you cool people.

    Yeah @jacebower! Be welcome! This is such a good place for community. 🙂

    Hail, Hutchmates! I’m Matthew, and after Hutchmoot I feel like a polite handshake and a shy smile is not enough to greet you with, that nothing less than a hug and an “I love you” will do. I assure you, that’s a bit scary for me, too.

    On and off for I-don’t-know-how-many-years, I’ve been prowling the edges of the Rabbit Room; lurking in the rafters, slinking behind furniture, observing… now slipping in close to listen to a conversation, now retreating again to a safe distance. Hutchmoot gave me a taste of being an actual part of the community, and I found it sweet. So, now I’m going to finally come all the way in and sit down. If sometimes I revert, and slither under the couch cushion to peer out at you, a smile and a gentle invitation should coax me out again.

    I don’t remember what first led me to the Rabbit Room, it’s been so long now- probably it was discovering the first book or two of the Wingfeather Saga. Or else it was the Behold The Lamb Of God show coming to our church in Knoxville; I can’t remember which came first. We all (me, wife, daughter) love those books, and when The Monster In The Hollows came out and I read the last chapters, in addition to being moved I felt a stab of I wish I had written this…why am I not doing this? The desire to write, buried for a decade and a half, reawakened. Thank you, Andrew.

    A little more background: in second or third grade I found in the little school library a chunky early-edition The Hobbit, with the weird cover depicting mountains with lots of little contour lines on them, almost like a woodcut print (which I learned decades later had been drawn by The Man Himself). It looked like nothing else in the library, ancient and possibly magical. I read it, and it was magical. I’ve been a confirmed fantasy addict ever since; as Tollers put it, “I desired dragons with a profound desire.”  As I grew up in Middle Earth and other worlds, I came to feel instinctively that the “realistic” books were not all that realistic, that it was the fantasy stories, or at least the best of them, that told the truth about the universe. That the world was too mysterious and enchanted a place to be like those stories that only allowed in the everyday, humdrum sorts of events. And if it wasn’t, it should be, because it meant the made-up worlds “licked the real one hollow”.

    I only just realized as I was writing this, that I responded to the altar call at my tiny church and received Christ around the same time as finding The Hobbit, about seven years old, and yet somehow the two threads remained separate, even seemingly contradictory, for decades after. In Sunday-school I learned what I had better do, or else, but it was long, long before the enchantments of Faerie-land brought me back around to the Christ I had kneeled in front of as a boy. When in my     thirties I first read the quote “If we find in ourselves  a desire which nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”…it was like the continents shifted under my feet into a new configuration – not a strange and unfamiliar landscape, but for the first time, recognizable. My entire life up to that point, finally made sense. My fierce desire for Faerie-land, half wild hope, half despair, I no longer needed to be soaked with guilt for; the Cross was the center of that great country, and it was that which had enchanted it with its beauty and power.

    Last night, reading C.S. Lewis’s Letters to Children, I found him reassuring a young boy who was afraid he had come to love Aslan more than Jesus, that it was not possible to do so, because everything the boy loved about Aslan was true of Jesus, and the better the boy came to know Christ, the more he would find that all along that it had been Christ, what he could see of Him, that he had truly loved. This has been the long, slow lesson of my life.

    Ok Matthew – running real long here, bring it in for a landing.

    I continue to read voraciously, having branched from Tolkien to Lewis to George MacDonald, to Walter Wangerin Jr. to countless others. With Lewis I finally learned to enjoy reading nonfiction, and have made little forays into non-fantasy fiction…Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country was a recent great read. Doug McKelvey is fast becoming my favorite living author, beginning with his story “The Places Beyond the Maps” and culminating with the new Every Moment Holy, which will break your heart and put it back together again better than before. I have learned that pretty much anything the RR store sells is going to be worth reading.

    If I seem to be describing my entire life almost as a series of books read…yeah, just about. Tell me what books you’ve read, what books you love, and I will know you.

    Anyway, if you’ve taken the time to read this long spontaneous autobiography, God bless you. I love you all. Feel free to strike up a conversation on anything from the theology of sub-creation to the habits of the spiny echidna.



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    Hello! My name is Amelia, and after just attending my first Hutchmoot I feel like I don’t want to lose connection with all the lovely people I met there (and want to get to know the lovely people who are here but weren’t there but would’ve loved to have been). I live in Kansas City with my little black Scottish terrier Robert Reuel Lewis (so named for C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Robbie Lewis from Colin Dexter’s Morse and Lewis series) and am a professional word-herder and comma wrangler. Unprofessionally, I write poems and other things and dabble in photography. I try to post creative endeavors on my blog, but the past year has been kind of hectic, so it’s been easier to make pictures than to pull words out of my mind and set them down in black and white.

    A lot of my friends have loved Andrew Peterson’s music for a long time, but since I am unwilling to jump onto bandwagons, it wasn’t until three or four years ago that I really started listening to it. But since then, many songs have blessed me deeply, as now have those by other Rabbit Room persons.

    Um … that’s probably a sufficient introduction, except to also say that I devour books like Sarah Crewe in A Little Princess did, only most of the ones I’ve devoured have been mysteries. I’m glad this community exists, and that it’s not merely a bandwagon to jump onto, but a sort of additional family one didn’t know one had. 🙂

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    Anna Morgan

    Hi! I tried to post earlier this week, but my post disappeared. So, let’s try this again (and apologies if the earlier one resurfaces).

    I’m Anna and I’ve been a lurker for the while on the facebook page. I’ve been experiencing Hutchmoot vicariously through everyone’s posts and hopefully will experience it in person one day. 🙂

    I was first introduced to the Rabbit Room and Andrew Peterson by a friend in college (Bryan College in Dayton, TN in case there’s anyone with connections here). Being a bookworm, I was overjoyed to find a community inspired by the Inklings. It was AP’s blog post that convinced me to read Harry Potter. And my first concert was an Andrew Peterson concert (it was the In the Round Tour with Sarah Groves and Bebo Norman). The Rabbit Room has introduced me to so much great art, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

    As you might have surmised, I’m not an artist myself, but an art appreciator. But I do have a sister, Sarah Morgan, who’s a folk musician and you guys should check her out (and I’d say that even if she wasn’t my sister)! She plays the mountain dulcimer and won the national championship in 2012. She hasn’t released new music in a while, but this is from earlier this year.

    A little bit about me: I’m 28 and live in East TN (Blount County) with my cat named Kitty, because I’m uncreative even when it comes to naming my pets. 😀 I’m currently attending UT as a non-traditional student because I still haven’t figured out what I want to do when I grow up. 🙂 After I initially graduated college, I worked for several years as a veterinary clinic and decided to make a career change. I’m currently majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Education with the plan of becoming a science teacher.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys! And hello to Amelia @innocenceabroad (is this how you tag? I guess I’ll find out). I also love mysteries, but haven’t read much other than Agatha Christie. Any recommendations?

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    Amelia Freidline

    @morgannakate — Oh! Absolutely anything by Dorothy L. Sayers (though I found The Documents in the Case a bit slow). The Complete Father Brown, The Man Who Knew Too Much and 13 Detectives by G.K. Chesterton. The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I’ve also been enjoying the Charles Lennox series lately by Charles Finch.

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    Anna Morgan

    @innocenceabroad: Thanks! I’ll have to give Sayers another shot–according to my Goodreads I read Whose Body 6 years ago and wasn’t inspired enough to continue the series.  And of course I’ve read and love Sherlock Holmes (how could I forget??).

    @morgannakate, I can totally understand why WHOSE BODY didn’t grab you. If I’d read that one first I probably wouldn’t have gone any further in the series either, not because it’s unreadable but because it’s flimsy (and so is Wimsey) compared to the later books. A clever puzzle, sure, but I don’t read mysteries for the murders, I read them for the characters.

    I’d recommend starting with STRONG POISON instead, and if you like that one, move on to HAVE HIS CARCASE and especially GAUDY NIGHT. You can always go back and read the other Wimsey books afterward (I’m especially fond of MURDER MUST ADVERTISE), but believe me, the presence of Harriet Vane in the narrative makes everything better.

    Welcome to the Rabbit Room!

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    Greetings, I’m one of Madam Sidler’s aka Laure Hittle’s minions.   Any Nano writers or nano rebels here abouts?

    Aside from being an anime/manga fan, Valerie’s a lifelong learner and dreamer.  This Nano Rebel’s interests include essential oils, emergency preparedness and following numerous rabbit trails wherever her curiosity leads her.

    As a daughter of an Actor/Writer/Director, she grew up working with her father and brother in audio studios and on the set.  Semi-retired from media production, she helps her family and volunteers with the Faith Libraries of Northern Colorado as their Public Media Coordinator.

    Favorite Mottos: “Make Ready” and “Life isn’t always fair, but God is good.”

    Sidenote:  Prism Kite is an online alias I’ve tinkered with that kinda symbolizes my eclectic interests and nature.  What imagery / symbols hold meaning for you and why?

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    Zoe Wakelam

    Hi everyone,

    I am a London creative, who loves all things arty. I am trying to get into editorial photography at the moment and am seeking fellow Christian portrait photographers in this field! Drop me a line if photography is your thing 😀

    Self Portrait

    Zoe Wakelam

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Zoe. I’m a London creative who loves all things arty. I am trying to get into editorial portrait photography at the moment and am wondering if there are any portrait photographers on here?! If photography is your thing drop me a line 😀


    Robyn B.

    I joined this forum when it first started up, but then ended up being MIA to finish up the last year of schooling (compounded by work, 4 children of various ages and stages, and life in general just becoming a whirlwind of chaotic excitement)!
    I attempted to locate my old info – alas, no luck, so I just created a new account!

    I’m from VA (originally from CT), and though I haven’t been extremely present on most pages, I’m constantly seeing kindred spirits pop up in the various discussions about books, music, or life in general!

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Timothy. I’m married, have a son and a daughter, and live in McPherson, Kansas.

    It wasn’t long after coming to Christ that I discovered the Album Carried Along, and I’ve been an Andrew Peterson fan ever since.

    I like to write, and I’m a very amateur musician, though I haven’t done much writing or playing in recent years – a 6 year old and a 2 year old can keep you sort of busy.

    After watching the livestream tonight of Behold the Lamb of God, I figured I would join up and see where I might fit in.

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    @timeoutwithtl, WELCOME. 🙂

    And it seems i have failed to greet everyone who joined in November. Sorry! Welcome to @robynskeys, @timetravellerwannabe, and @prismkite also. 🙂 (Hi Val!)

    So glad you are all here! Let me know if you need help finding your way around the place. We’ve got tutorials in this thread and everyone is very friendly. 🙂

    Good evening!  Like Timothy – I also streamed BTLOG last night and didn’t even realize this forum existed until then.  This whole forum thing is a throwback to the late 90s… everything is new again!

    I don’t have much of a community of creatives in southeast Denver… I am hoping to formulate relationships with other people like me… an artist with very few avenues to share it… and, Lord willing, I can attend Hutchmoot in 2018!

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    Hi folks. Writer and musician here. I’m currently trying to break into film and television in Los Angeles, so screenwriting is my primary discipline, but I’m also working on comics, tabletop games, audio drama, new media, and books. Most of it exists somewhere within the speculative fiction umbrella, with a heavy emphasis on mythology and folklore. In what remains of my spare time, I play Irish and Scottish folk music.


    Thanks to all those who keep the Rabbit Room running; it’s easy to feel isolated in LA, so I’m hoping this forum will be a good way to connect with other like-minded creators.

    I am called Thoan Petrichor, dwarf lord and seeker of lavish beauty. I would remove my crown as your guest, but my wig might come off with it. A warm “hello” should suffice.

    Missions is my craft. Expect me to bring it up every now and then.

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