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  • Praying for all your requests, @adamruffo, Scully, & @guineapiglover.

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    Linda Rogers

    I’m praying.

    Recently there were some requests given in the “Rabbit Room Chinwag” group on Facebook, so I’m going to put them over here as well. (Don’t worry, they aren’t personal things that people would not want repeated to a group they don’t know. These are general things, and I don’t want people who don’t have a facebook account to be left out.)

    One request was for the Rabbit Room itself. Apparently some local people meet on Tuesdays to pray, but since they are telling the rest of us about it, those of us at a distance can also be praying about the same things. Here is the list that Pete posted for the Rabbit Room’s current prayer requests.
    Prayer List Items:
    -Artists/musicians on the road and away from home (Andrew Peterson, Andrew Osenga, Chris Slaten, The Arcadian Wild, Billy Cerveny, et al)
    -Guidance in the development of organizational relationships within the community
    -Stewardship and fundraising for North Wind Manor
    -The mission and outreach of Every Moment Holy
    -The development of young artists
    -Hutchmoot preparations
    -Guidance for Rabbit Room staff and leadership

    Another prayer request that was brought up was to pray for rain in Durango, Colorado (and the surrounding areas). They are having big problems with drought and wildfires right now. A national forest has had to close because of the issues, and as an area that is economically dependent on tourism, this is going to make things hard on a lot of people. Pray that the area will get the rain it needs soon.

    And in an update- I am doing somewhat better on sleep, and have been able to stay awake for TWO entire church meetings since I asked for prayer. I’m still falling asleep more often than I am staying awake, but things are improving and I don’t feel so isolated and out of the loop anymore. Even when I don’t make it through a whole meeting, I’m getting more of it than I was before, and the exhaustion is not such a huge issue now. Thanks for praying!

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    Tom Murphy

    So, my marriage is in tatters.  My wife, Lyndsay, asked for a divorce last August (2017).  We go to court for the hearing on Monday, July 9th.  Praying for reconciliation (which, at this point, would be a miracle – literally, in the most literal sense) and for Jesus to get all the credit.  Please keep this confidential within the forum.

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    Dare to be brave.

    I have posted on facebook, but feel I need to get more involved in the Rabbit Room site.

    If someone were to pass me on the street, they wouldn’t see a “sick person” they would most likely think I was just a 21 year old, lazy person who has something that’s “all in my head” but its keeping me up at night, it messes with my eating and even now it reaches it’s dark claws and touches my family.

    I have anxeity, panic attacks and depression. I have Sensory Processibg Disorder. I also have many learning disabilities and I am not <i>exaggerating </i>when I tell you that my learning disabilities cover ALL areas of learning.

    Sometimes, when things get bad, I struggle with fighting suicidal thoughts. I have made suicide NOT AN OPTION. I won’t even go to “planning” it, but sometimes all I want is to let go.

    Please pray for me. Pray that I stand, that I find peace, that I hold on even in the worst of it.

    Please pray for my family, they all are suffering with me, and I want nothing less to ease their own pain. I am working to get me more help so I can move out of the house on my own, still close so I can have help but far enough away so that the fire raging around me does not sketched those I love most.

    Please pray that I have the courage to open my bible, to pray.

    Going to church as become a daily battle. I go out of opdeiance really, and it is painful every time I enter it. But my church family loves me so much, and it is full of praying people who truly care for me, I just can’t stand telling people again and again the same things, ” I struggle with anxeity and depression.”

    I use tv as a drugg and I know I need to break away, but even opening the best of books is an act of bravery at times.

    You all have given me such good recamendstions. Please pray that I have the courage and the will to keep pulling in the light.

    God bless,


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    @tommurphy28, praying for a miracle!

    @wonderseeker, praying for courage!

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