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  • Ever since I finished this book, I’ve been seeing stories about the brokenness of our criminal justice system everywhere. Here’s the latest one, which takes place in Baltimore where I live: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-ungers-righting-a-miscarriage-of-justice/

    I keep meaning to re-read certain passages of the book, and think more deeply about my response. Truth is that I feel overwhelmed by it all. I’m overwhelmed by the problem. I’m angry and frustrated that often one has to defend the fact that a problem even exists. And I despair that there is no hope. That’s where I am with this today. I know I can’t stay there, that nothing changes with that attitude, but that’s where I am today.

    I’ve been praying lately that God reveals concrete ways in which I can become part (however small) of pushing back the darkness in my own community. Please pray for me and I’ll pray for all of you.

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    I just “re-joined” Rabbit Room, after being absent for quite some time due to time constraints (final year of classes- now completed). I know I’m a little late to this discussion, but as this is one of my top 10 books (as a Government- prelaw/ criminal justice major/minor, and then public policy grad student), I wanted to join in if there is any conversing still going on!

    I read it soon after it was released, cited it in my thesis paper, and refer to it often when explaining the massive recidivism rate within our nation, as well as the systemic injustice that is far too prevalent.

    The topic also hits home to me personally, in large part because of my son. I am also working on a book (beginning stages) discussing racism within our nation with a friend – views from various angles.

    This book puts into words why I am willing to fight so hard for those without a voice – and though my own calling is geared toward combatting modern day slavery/human trafficking, it is all inextricably connected.

    I’ve found that anger and frustration to be overwhelming as well… and I’ve found that the only thing I can do with that level of intense energy is use it to tangibly combat the injustice, because otherwise I internalize it and feel like I will spontaneously combust!

    Interesting (or not) side note –> my “tag line” at the bottom of emails and in my correspondence and website is “Pushing Back The Darkness Together” 🙂

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    @chinwe, @robynskeys, how are you both doing? i have let my forum participation slide for a bit and am trying to catch back up. Sorry to leave you hanging.

    Man. Our Just Mercy book discussion fell out of my head for awhile, but i just finished reading Cry, the Beloved Country. i can’t quite get over how relevant this book set in apartheid felt.

    @mrs-hittle, thanks for checking in. I know you were mostly referring to my above comment when asking how I’m doing. It’s taken me a while to respond because I’ve been quite preoccupied lately. My Dad passed away about a month ago. That has overshadowed everything else. I would like to ask anyone who reads this to pray for me and my family as we continue to grieve and make plans for heading back to Nigeria for the funeral, etc. All that should be happening within the next few weeks. Thanks so much.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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