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How to do Photography for Amazon in China

The Amazon online marketplace is a popular selling and buying location for millions of buyers and sellers around the world. There are many reasons for why this platform is considered one of the best. They provide services and provide convenience to their customers. The buyer and the seller both benefit from this.

Detailed images of the product are one of the many services we provide. Our service is called Amazon Product Photography. Buyers can see all aspects of the things they wish to buy through Amazon Product Photography. This can enhance the buying experience. This also helps the company build its reputation.

How does Amazon Product Photography work?

Product photography on Amazon ensures that buyers are able to see the product easily. This is accomplished by outsourcing photography services to various firms.

In this guide, we explain how sellers can achieve this goal. Moreover, we will highlight products that have been successful. You send the product to the firm along with instructions if you want your product photographed. Some of the instructions have already been granted and confirmed.

However, you can give some instructions. Including how many photos you would like, which angles, etcetera.

What are the benefits of good Amazon product photography?

We should not be surprised that attention spans are at an all-time low. You are competing for the attention of your customers with just about everything else in their lives. They have to compete for space among their chores and daily duties. Online, it’s competing with the latest social media drama and breaking news.

When you go to Amazon, there are dozens of similar products competing for your attention.

There’s nothing personal about it. Today, life is all about information overload, and your product is just another piece of the huge puzzle that we call the modern world.

Amazon Product Photography Leads to Great Conversion Rates

We would say yes, in an ideal world. Our world is not an ideal place. It is filled with spiders, poverty, and people who put pineapple on their pizzas.

It’s a known fact that humans are very visual creatures. Our eyesight is one of the best in the animal kingdom. Our attention spans are also very short. This means you have to capture our attention quickly by stimulating our visual receptors (also known as ‘eyes’).

An angle, lighting, color and context can make the difference between converting and not converting a photoset

Your listing must contain all relevant details, too. Nonetheless, it’s less likely for it to get that first click without that super-special photography to snare their attention away from your competitors. As a result? Losses in sales and no yachts.

Adding Star Power to Your Amazon Product Photography

Now you probably wonder where you can find these photos that can apparently turn your fortunes around. In your quest to discover the truth, you will also come across plenty of contradictory information.

Rather than making things difficult for you, let’s simplify it for you.

Firstly, no you probably won’t be able to create such high-quality photos by yourself (unless photography is your passion and you’re an expert with a camera). Furthermore, you do not have to pay four-figure sums to a professional studio. It’s overkill, and you could help so many kids instead if you had that money.

What you need is a middle ground that provides the photos you need without a price tag that resembles a mortgage. Then, by following the simple steps outlined in this guide, your listings will enjoy the advantages of good photographs.

Requirements for Amazon Product Images

There are some guidelines and rules for taking photographs. Images that do not follow these guidelines will not appear professional and business-like. In addition to technical requirements for the file, there are also requirements for the setting for the photo.

You should use a professional setting and environment when taking the picture. The product should have a neutral background. An image should only show the product and contain no other irrelevant objects. For professionalism, the background should be white.

Although there are many other rules, these are among the most important and fundamental ones.

Requirements Regarding File Names

There are some technical requirements to follow when sending the actual file. The filename, file size and resolution of the image, etc. Let’s delve deeper into this. Image formats to be used are TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG. All other formats cannot be used.

The image should have a minimum resolution of 1000 pixels in height or width. Please check your image before submitting. Moreover, the image should have a color mode of RGB or CMYK.

In addition, the filename should contain the seller’s identifier, such as a 13-digit ISBN, Amazon ASIN, JAN, UPC or EAN. In this case, the filename should be followed by the file type, such as .jpeg.

Image Optimization For Amazon Products

The value of providing images for your products is greater than it seems. You can also optimize your Amazon product image by providing images. As a result of Amazon Product Image Optimization, your product is listed higher in the search results due to its relevance. This is similar to SEO.

How to Take Good Amazon Product Photos

The following tips and information can help you achieve success and optimize your website.

Plan consistently from the start

All photography falls under this category, not just product photography. It is still a crucial step, though. Make sure that your approach is consistent before you begin. Decide on which products to photograph before you begin.

To properly format your essay, you need to know the format. In addition, you need to determine which company you will be working with. All of these points must be considered before you begin.

A white background’s magic

Your photographs can look professional in many ways. The most notable feature is the use of a white background.

By adding a white background to your image, you can transform it from a casual to an official-looking image. Your product will stand out if you use a white background.


Product photography is a service that is provided by lots of reputable companies. It is mandatory and important for any Amazon seller.

With this guide, we’ve talked about various product photography requirements and rules, as well as companies that can help you.

Furthermore, we learned about some of the exemplary products, from which you can learn all sorts of things about professionalism. Other factors such as backgrounds and environments also play a role.