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How does homework cause so much stress?You may ask, can someone do my essay for me? Many parents believe that homework is helping their child to prepare for school and feel prepared for what is ahead. In truth, studies have shown that homework can actually cause more anxiety and not even be helpful to preparing for school. In one study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health, written word puzzles, rather than a set list, were found to be the most effective way to help children prepare for school. Why do students feel so stressed over homework so much?


Research indicates that when children are forced to tackle a task that is out of synch with their developmental level, it can result in serious anxiety and frustration for both parents and children. By forcing children to prepare for work that they know they cannot complete and instead don’t hire an essay writer free , parents are helping to increase the likelihood that children will dread the task, thus increasing their chance for increased homework anxiety. When children learn to expect that they will have to do a lot of work and then have to wait on their friends or classmates to finish what they started, they become frustrated when they are “done” and realize that they have to do it all over again the next day. This not only increases their anxiety levels, but also makes them less productive at school as they become easily irritable.


So how does homework cause stress? In truth, it is usually unnecessary and serves little purpose. If homework were made easier, the student would do it on their own, eliminating the added stress and anxiety that students experience because of pressure from school. There are many ways to make an assignment easier such as making sure the student has everything they need before beginning, giving examples of how to use the material to solve the assignment and sharing the work with others, but these methods do not always take the load off of the student and cause them to be happy and content. Homework help should just be done by asking an expert to do my essays.

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