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Teknokrat – What is Insurance Law and How It Works

Teknokrat – The use of insurance is certainly no stranger to most people, given the number of insurance users is increasingly higher in Indonesia. The high level of insurance users is dominated by various types of insurance products such as life insurance, health insurance, and property protection insurance (cars, homes, etc.).

Teknokrat – Public awareness of the importance of insurance has increased. But this does not necessarily make all insurance users understand what exactly the benefits and benefits of the insurance used by them, this can occur due to lack of understanding of the provisions and policies set out in the insurance itself.

Teknokrat – In some cases, we often find customers who are disappointed and feel disadvantaged due to the use of insurance that they feel is not optimal and not in accordance with their expectations, where basically things like this can happen due to lack of our understanding of all the articles and regulations that actually “mandatory “We understand before deciding to use insurance.