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Your child also needs help with organising their leisure time


Children usually have a fairly normal daily routine – they go to school in the morning, study, rest and eat at a certain time, then attend hobby groups, play with friends, etc. In the coming weeks, children should spend most of their time with their families at home. The child should also be able to establish routines at home which enable him or her to study, play and relax. Expats from online services can help your child with homework. It is best to choose a service that has many good reviews. The more reviews – the better.


It is a good idea to draw up a daily schedule together with your child and agree on how you will start to follow it. For example, when the parent is away from home, the parent will call the child from work at the beginning of each new daily routine. He asks how the previous activity went and reminds him to start the next one. If necessary, you and your child can come up with an incentive system and make your routine more playful.

There is a risk that children will spend long hours at home on the internet, playing video games and watching films.


To make home time more meaningful, you need to consciously help your child find activities and make agreements with your child. Some suggestions:

– Make sure you write down in your routine when and for how long your child is allowed to spend their free time on the computer screen.

– You can suggest exercise videos, video lectures, brain training games and other educational activities for your child on the Internet.

– When you are at home yourself, involve the children in cleaning the house and cooking.

– Find an age-appropriate storybook for your child and agree on the number of pages they will read each day. In the evening, ask him what he has read, you can also read a chapter in the same book with your child, etc.

– Nowadays it is not advisable to be in public places, but find opportunities to stay outdoors and exercise – for example, go for a walk, go to the sea, to the woods or to the countryside.

– Search your cupboards for any forgotten board games and spend time with your family.


Children of all ages need their parents’ love and attention – even teenagers who don’t always ask for it themselves. Remember to listen to your children, communicate kindly and reassure them.


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