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How to Write a Summary

As a student, there comes a lot of moments in your life when you are asked to write summaries. Whether it is an article or a book, you are given assignments and homework to write a summary of them. Many students find it very hard to write, so that they concern an essay writer.

People believe that summarizing is a major tool in succeeding in college. After all, the knowledge and understanding of a subject or a topic depends on how well you have summarized it.

After you have finished reading something if you want to know that you have even learned from what you read ask yourself whether you can make a summary of it or not.

It is very important to keep in mind that giving an analysis of something and a summary are two distinctive things. Summarizing is just condensing the main idea in your words while analyzing is just discussing the facts, ideas, and techniques or you can also get idea from essay writer website.

Creating summaries can be tough but the following easy tips and tricks will help you compose the summaries better:

  1. The foremost step to create a summary is to read the original text provided either in a form or article, paper, or a book. This is to get an idea of the main subject of the discussion.
  2. After reading, try to understand what you have read. Work on the important points of the text made by the writer and the events or experiences mentioned.
  3. Summary requires active reading. Go through the writing again and again and choose what to ass in your summary.
  4. Now that you have reread the text provided, organize all the information and data you collected. Wisely use this collected information to make reliable references four to your reader.
  5. Clearly mention the thesis statement. The thesis statement will demonstrate what you have learned from the author’s writing.
  6. Draft paragraphs for your summary. Usually, the word count of the summary is provided but if not given, try to write the ¼ of the actual text.
  7. Always write your summary in the present tense.
  8. Avoid putting your perspectives and opinions.

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