About Me

I have been having trouble buying a Concept2 rower out of Rogue or out of Concept2 directly. I found on an webpage that Amazon had them available (from Concept2). I was somewhat doubtful but it costs roughly the same (with shipping when purchased out of Concept2 and taxation for my nation ) like I purchased from different sources. Extremely satisfied with the purchase and because I purchased it from Amazon, it had been delivered later. Also extremely simple to build.


If you would like to purchase the best that is the row machine that you need to purchase do not go for others save your cash it is well worth it and past a few I really like it use it everyday when I can not go run out or visit the gym because of covid. Hardly anything to build only the legs so easy… I purchased this since I used the concept to cultivate machine in the gym and that is how I found it out. I use it for cardio and that I really like the calorie counter on it accurate everything about it’s just completely the best and higher quality it seems like a kitten.


Concept2 Rower