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3 Prewriting Tips for a High-Grade Essay?

Academic essays are part of the curriculum of students from as early as middle school. The essays don’t stop after school, in fact, they keep on getting lengthier, complicated, and tasking as you step into college education. For many students writing essays can be a hard task and they would do away with essays if only they did not carry a percentage of their final grade.


“Help me write essay for me,” you might hear many students and your peers ask you and others, as they try to get started with their essay or get someone to finish their essay.


There are those of course, who despite writing their essays on time, follow all the steps that fail to write essays that get high grades, despite their effort. Such essays writers might get frustrated eventually and let their grades fall even more.


These individuals only need some advice to turn their essays to high graded essays. Informing them of the skills and techniques used by expert essay writers can help them a lot.


Here are some tips that essay writers struggling to get higher grades might find useful.


Learn to brainstorm through passive learning


Your mind works and thinks in two phases: active learning and passive learning.


Active learning is when you set your intention and consciously read into or study into the subject with the goal of finding information or learning something. It deals with the subjects in the conscious to pay someone to write my paper.


Passive learning is the background processing of your mind when you are not intending to learn or study anything. At these times your mind is busy in an unrelated or at times a mundane task.


Epiphanies are an example of passive learning. It gives you unique and interesting ideas that you might not come up within regular brainstorming sessions. These are the unique ideas that make your essay stand out and impress the evaluator with its novelty.


Journaling is an effective way to brainstorm through passive learning, especially when you have time on your hands.


Research smart and research throughout

Like many students, you shouldn’t waste time in searching directly for academic write my paper and articles that discuss your subject. Instead, you should go onto the encyclopedia entries for each subject matter and gather the general information and organization outline about the subject. These sites provide you with the main points regarding your topic and some academic papers to start with.


You should always maintain a high standard of research material in the essay that is mostly from academic journals and books. And while writing when you find loopholes in your information or you find a statement to back then don’t hesitate to research the specific part and fill the gaps.


Also, make sure the evidence and examples are relevant and complete.


Write a detailed outline before you begin


Many students jump right into the writing part after brainstorming instead of creating an outline and arranging their thoughts and logic. Your outline should be dense with information and parts of the essay. It is useful to write my essay down the thesis statement, the topic sentences, and evidence in the outline and arrange them. The more information will be put into the outline the more it is easier for you to write the draft.


This step will not only help you reach the draft quickly but it will also inform you clearly what your essay is lacking in content and structure. This process will give you an earlier opportunity to wrap up your research on the topic as you try to fill in the essay holes.


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