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What Entails a Dissertation?

A dissertation is undoubtedly an academic document submitted by college students before graduation. It is usually a long and involving paper with plenty of sections that rely on logic and the use of reason for As such, it needs quality research and proper planning to achieve success.


The Harvard College Review recently issued a guide to help the collegeager on how to write a dissertation. This article offers a quick overview of the elements present in a dissertation. However, it should be guided with useful tips to ease the process of formatting and ensuring the flow is smooth.

Structuring Your Dissertation

Every section in a dissertation must adhere to a standard format. The variation varies depending on the program or institution. For instance, some divisions require a title page, while others have an abstract. The primary function of the abstract is to offer a summarized version of the whole paper.


It is crucial to stick to the guidelines provided by either the instructor or the department. The first step to submitting a great piece is to check on the directives provided. The description could be which Cannons section entails and the word count. After settling on the style to utilize, the next thing is to plan and generate an outline. Although a dissertation has several chapters, outlining them is the most straightforward approach.




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