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Personal Essay Topics for College – Common Application Essay Prompts

If you’re preparing for a personal essay, one of the most important things you can do is find some personal essay topics for college. These topics are geared specifically at students who are just starting out the habit of first-person storytelling. They are useful ideas which can stir up your own creativity:

Write about your earliest childhood memory. What you want your essay to achieve is to describe a moment that either changed you or shaped the way you feel about life now. Perhaps you remember walking along a country lane as a child with your mother singing you a song. Now try to describe this particular memory and how it made you feel.

Write about your personal goals. These can be anything from pursuing political office to becoming an astronaut term paper. You may also want to talk about your dreams and how you plan to make them happen. You can write about these in general terms, or you can detail each goal individually to tell a gripping, suspenseful story.

Personal essay topics for college will include topics about personal growth. You can write as if you are describing your personal growth in one sentence. You can expand on this in later essays. Some good personal growth essay topics include: how you acquired your wisdom personal essay topics for college, your lifelong desire to help others, your lifelong desire to learn more about an area of interest, or a quote that describes your personal growth.

Another set of great essay topics would be social issue essay topics. You could write as if you are discussing a social problem in your own life. You might ask yourself questions like: How did you come to this decision? Who else in your family has followed this same decision? What social issues have concerned you throughout the years?

Narrative essay topics are perhaps the most interesting for students. If you have previously written narrative essays, this will be a breeze. Simply pick some of your best work and follow the steps from there. You could write a short descriptive history about a certain event or situation or write about something that has a lasting impression on you. You can even write a fictional story based on experiences you’ve had in the past.

Personal essay topics for college are just a few examples. If you don’t know what topics are common application essay prompts, try researching previous topics that apply to yours. You can then research these topics to find new ones that you would like to write about. Don’t worry too much about writing it all in one day. As long as you finish with the most examples of personal experience that you can, you should be fine!

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