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Beginner’s Guide: How Does Impact Driver Work?

An impact driver is the kind of tool that is essential when you are working on a complex project and need something with deep penetration power. You can replace a traditional drill with an impact driver, and it has enough strength to fix every screw with more torque. Today we have come up with the complete guide about how impact drivers work.

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How Does Impact Driver Works 

Variable Speeds:

An impact driver works on the variable speed, unlike traditional drills. You can control the speed of an impact driver anytime according to the requirement of drilling. There will be no pressure to adjust yourself with the machine, you have to spin hard, or light and the device will respond to you. The variable speed option will make your work easier, and you can learn to use it gradually.


The impact driver has two gears; lower and upper. The lower gears have more power, and higher gear can provide you more speed. On the lower gear, your device will work with great power at slow speed and, if you switch to the higher gear, then it will spin the screws rapidly. You need to analyze the requirement of a job before setting gears of an impact driver. Ensure that you are maintaining the consistency of the job.

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Removing Screws:

An impact driver also works as an assistant who can replace old things with new ones with cleanliness. If any of the screws have been stripped or damaged, then it can remove those screws with new ones without damaging equipment. You need an impact driver when you know how to use it in the right place and how it can make your job short.


A Clutch is not a compulsory feature in an impact driver, but it is available in lots of models. The clutch helps in creating a depth for the screw you are pushing in. if you are not using an impact driver for the first time, then the clutch may not be the most useful feature or function this device works on. When you are stuck at some major projects, and there are loads of screws, then clutch can help you out.


It’s an efficient and smart device that has come up with two sleeves; an outside and an inside. The sleeve at the outside turns first and then it changes to the inner one. A force is driven to the outer sleeve and then to the inner sleeve to help to screw. This is the mechanism that makes impact driver performance powerful.


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