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Writing assignments often take into account the length of the text or the number of words. What should you do if you said everything you wanted to say, but didn’t get the volume you needed? We will teach you how to expand your text by adding important content (not “water”), make a plan, prepare quality drafts, and edit the resulting text so that you are not ashamed to turn it in. To learn how to make your essay longer read here:

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Write down all your thoughts in free form. You need to learn to write down everything that comes into your head without thinking about form. This is not yet the last version of the text, so you need to sketch out your main thoughts first, and then decide how you can systematize them. Start with your own beliefs, even if the instructor has forbidden you to use the pronoun “I” (he won’t see these notes!).

Time yourself (10-15 minutes will be enough). During this time, write without stopping. You can write down quite a lot, so use this time to get the main ideas down.


Try to draw a diagram. In the center of the page, put the main idea in a circle. It can be something very general, like “World War II,” or something more specific (“Operation Barbarossa”). At this point, it is important to highlight the main theme.

Around the main theme, place related subthemes. Try to draw at least 5-6 circles.

Around the subthemes, write all the associations you have. You will begin to notice the connections between the themes and connect them with lines. That way you’ll have a kind of web, and you’ll be able to see how your main ideas resonate and what follows from one thought or another.


Rewrite the thoughts in a clearer form. These thoughts should be clear, deep, and complete. To get a long essay, you need to write as much text as possible at the draft stage, so carefully work out the text and paragraph order. What information should be communicated to the reader first? In what order should you put the paragraphs to make the text most convincing?

Often a short text is the result of quickly jumping to the main ideas without introductions or explanations that would prepare the reader. Now you can change that.


Formulate a thesis statement. The thesis is the central statement around which your entire text is built. The thesis statement should be argumentative, complex, and specific; it should unify the entire essence of your essay in one phrase.

If you have formulated your thesis statement competently, you will have plenty of material for your essay, because thesis statements are usually difficult to justify. Here’s an example of a bad thesis statement: “Zelda is the best game in the world.” Who decided that? Why? What difference does it make? Here’s a good thesis: “by creating a complex and multi-dimensional world, the Zelda games have a special effect on the player, awakening an adventurous spirit, and allowing him to combine heroic fantasies with the values of Western culture. Just think how much information there is to analyze!


Use the five-paragraph rule. Many teachers insist that the optimal form of essay presentation is a five-paragraph structure. This structure will help you make your thoughts more expansive, although you should not be afraid to depart from this form. This structure implies at least three arguments and usually looks like this:

Introduction, a description of the topic, a summary of your ideas, and a thesis statement.

A paragraph describing the first argument.

A paragraph describing the second argument.

A paragraph describing the third argument.

A brief conclusion that sums up what is being said.


Justify the thesis statement. If you have an interesting thesis statement on a topic that can provoke questions and debate, it will be easy for you to write an essay. If you lack volume, revise your thesis by making it narrower and more complex.

Imagine that the thesis is a tabletop. Your essay should support it, because without this support, the table will become a pile of wooden wreckage. Key arguments, justifications, and references to other people’s statements are the legs that hold your essay together, giving it shape.


Describe the context of your chosen topic. This will allow you to extend a good draft. Write about the context and how you feel about the topic.

If you’re writing about a Zelda game, you can go straight to the thesis statement and the main points about Ocarina of Time, or you can hit pause and talk a little about the context of the game. What games were on the market when Zelda came out? Which of those still exist? What do we need to know about gameplay culture in general?


Insert references and quotes into the text. Other people’s words will help you argue your point of view and give you more information to analyze. Cite relevant quotations, analyze the importance of a statement, and it will make your text more meaningful and longer.

Mention opposing points of view and explain why you think they are wrong.

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