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Open the storage space inside the space ring, and immediately a bright and dazzling colorful light will surge out from the space. In the burst of light, more than two thousand crystal nuclei crackled on the ground. Seeing the crystal nucleus piled up a hill more than one person high, Rao was Lin Yongtang, and his face could not help but turn to shock. Behind Lin Yongtang, Lin Qiang rubbed his eyes hard. He gasped when he was sure that these crystal nuclei really existed. Just now, he thought that even if he hated the return of heaven, he would still be punished. But he never expected that there would be a big reversal in things. Hen Tian not only brought back the disciples of the Sword Sect intact, but also brought back nearly ten times more crystal nuclei than in previous years. Grandpa Lin Qiangxin shouted with fear. His cry made Lin Yongtang wake up from the shock and looked at the Warcraft crystal nucleus on the ground with resentment. Lin Yongtang shook his hand and led Lin’s children to turn away from the forbidden place angrily. On the edge of the Forbidden Area, Lin Qiang asked in a panic, “Grandpa, can’t I enter the Sword Hall this time?” Sun Tzu did not live up to expectations, so that Lin Yongtang’s depressed heart was blocked. “Not necessarily,” he said angrily. “The Sword Skill Hall will open in three days. We don’t have no chance.” Being comforted by Grandpa, Lin Qiang’s flustered mood was slightly stable. Turning around and looking at Ye Feng with resentment, he was so angry that he clenched his fist. Without Ye Feng, this time the Lin clan would have won, and even he would have sat on the throne of the suzerain’s heir. At the thought of everything being destroyed by Ye Feng,ultrasonic cutting machine, Lin Qiang wished he could kill Ye Feng and eliminate his resentment. Inside the forbidden area, Yang Yunfeng looked at the large number of crystal nuclei on the ground, and his expression was full of excitement. Originally, he thought he would lose in this competition, but he never thought that things would turn around at the last moment, and there would be great vitality. After patting Hentian on the shoulder approvingly, Yang Yunfeng turned around. Facing Ye Feng,sonicator homogenizer, he suddenly gave a deep salute and said, “Mr. Yin, your kindness to Biyun Sword Sect is unforgettable to Yunfeng.” The suzerain of a generation of super clan bowed to himself, which made Ye Feng stunned. Although he can afford such a big gift, he still feels embarrassed when he thinks of Yang Yunfeng’s age of sixty or seventy. Yang Zongzhu is polite. In fact, I do these things, not without cost. As for my request, I will also ask Master Yang to ask about Hen Tian. Ye Feng said indifferently. Ye Feng’s words made Yang Yunfeng tremble. Although he did not know what Ye Feng was asking for in his heart, his expression was still very respectful. Mr. Yin, you are new here, and you must have no place to rest. Why don’t you stay in our Biyun Sword Sect for a while? Yang Yunfeng was invited. Ye Feng nodded and did not refuse to let Yang Yunfeng send someone to lead him to the VIP residence on the top of Biyun Jianzong Mountain. As the largest sect of Jin Ao Kingdom and one of the twelve sects in the Central Plains, the style of Biyun Sword Sect is far superior to any of the ten sects in Southeast China. Seeing the magnificent decoration in the VIP room, Ye Feng could not help but be moved by the great works of Biyun Jianzong. Sitting down on a chair covered with velvet cushions in the room, ultrasonic metal welding ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, Ye Fengping retreated. Eyes scanning this luxurious to at least tens of thousands of gold room, Ye Feng heart a burst of emotion. In the past, he had heard that the Central Plains countries were powerful, and now he had to admit that the wealth of these Central Plains countries was far from comparable to that of the ten Southeast countries. Not long after Ye Feng sat down in the room, a servant girl knocked on the door. The servant girl Ji was about fifteen or sixteen years old, and her body, which had not yet fully developed, had already revealed the rudiment of a beautiful woman. After carrying the tea tray into the room, she put the teacup on the table, and then gave a deep salute to Ye Feng. Seeing that the servant girl did not recede after serving tea, Ye Feng could not help but be slightly stupefied. Do you have anything else? Ye Feng asked. Hearing Ye Feng’s question, the servant girl’s face turned crimson. “My name is Bing He, Mr. Yin,” she said softly. From now on, I am your exclusive maid, and I will take care of your daily life in the future. The servant girl’s explanation, let Ye Feng understand the whole story. Since Yang Yunfeng regards him as a distinguished guest, it is natural to take good care of him. I’m afraid this servant girl is the one he specially arranged to come in and serve him. For Yang Yunfeng’s good intentions, Ye Feng did not refuse. He waved to the servant girl and said, “All right.”. But I have nothing to do now, so you’d better step down first. The servant girl nodded respectfully and retreated backwards. After the servant girl left, Ye Feng reached into her bosom and put the sleeping beast on the table. See the little guy from entering the window, has been sleeping, Ye Feng helplessly shook his head. Reach out to scrape on the tip of the little guy’s shining nose, and Ye Feng conveniently picks up the blanket on the bed and covers it for the little guy. After doing all this, he sat cross-legged on the bed, slowly mobilized his vitality and entered the state of practice. Returning to the mainland of Tianyuan again, Ye Feng did not intend to return directly to the Shang State. Every time he thinks of his country and relatives, he will think of the oath he secretly made in his heart when he left that day. At that time, he had vowed that when he returned to the Shang Dynasty again, it would be the time to climb the Lotus Mountain to seek revenge. Nowadays, although he has a ghost flash suit, soul strength and vitality strength, and has made great progress in soul space, he still has not broken through the realm of Sword Sect. At the thought of the loss of the body, which became the biggest obstacle to becoming a sword sect, Ye Feng’s heart was filled with helplessness. Without his physical body, he, with the power of his soul, could never withstand the powerful explosive force generated by the sword emperor when he broke through the realm of the sword sect. If he wants revenge, he must find a new body. It’s just that it’s not easy to find a new body. If Xiao Bai had had a little way, he would not have been willing to be silent in the soul stone for a hundred years. Although the hope of rebuilding the body is slim,ultrasonic extraction cbd, Ye Feng has never thought of giving up. For him at this moment, nothing is more important than finding a new body and breaking through the realm of Sword Sect. He longed for the day when he could become a strong man of the Sword Sect, kill the Lotus Mountain and kill the Lotus Friar!.