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0.1 Can a facial device improve sagging skin?

Many people may find that as they age, the muscles in their face deteriorate and the flesh all over their face becomes flaccid. Our bodies, not just our faces, are supported by a myriad of large and small muscles to keep them in the same state. If we do not use those muscles, they will eventually deteriorate and it will be difficult to restore them.

Is a facial skincare device effective in improving this kind of sagging of the face? This article explains whether facial appliances can improve sagging face and whether they are effective for areas that tend to sag such as under the eyes and face lines.

0.1.1 What are the causes of sagging?

Damage caused by ultraviolet rays

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays destroys the collagen tissue that supports the skin and makes it difficult to produce new collagen. When the skin is no longer able to support itself, it naturally becomes loose and sags.

In addition, the human skin produces substances called reactive oxygen species (ROS) to protect cells from damage caused by ultraviolet rays, but excessive ROS oxidize the skin and cause it to age.

Increase in subcutaneous fat

As metabolism slows down due to aging, it becomes easier to gain fat in the face. Heavy fat cannot be supported by the skin and causes it to sag.

Weakening of muscles and cells

As muscles weaken with age, it becomes harder for them to support the fat and skin above them.
In addition, the ability to produce skin cells is weaker than when we were younger, so the skin itself becomes weaker, and the skin cannot support the fat and other tissues, causing it to sag under gravity.

0.1.2 Can a facial device improve sagging skin?

You can expect to improve sagging skin by using a facial massage tool. However, if you don’t choose the right facial device for you, it may increase the burden on your skin.

There are various types of facial equipment such as roller, steam, and ultrasonic facial equipment, all of which can be effective if used properly.

It is important to avoid using them for long periods of time or every day, and if you are concerned about the strain on your own skin, do not force yourself to use them.

What are the effects on sagging under the eyes and face lines?

If your face lines are not clear and sagging, your face may look fat. Also, sagging under the eyes can make you look older. In both cases, swelling of the face and obesity are thought to be the causes. The first step is to eliminate obesity, which is the cause of the problem, but for swelling, a facial care device using radio waves can help improve the situation.

By improving the flow of lymph, we can expect to reduce swelling and regain a clear face line. It can also be used to stimulate the small muscles inside the face, which can be expected to improve sagging under the eyes.

0.1.3 Recommended facial tool for different causes of sagging

When UV rays are the cause

First of all, of course, UV protection! Be sure to apply UV-compatible base makeup and sunscreen during the day.
Incorporate a whitening serum into your daily care routine. It is effective to use a facial device that promotes the penetration of the product.

Core Pulse Facial Machine

Core Pulse is a technology that uses special electromagnetic pulses to temporarily create gaps in skin cells and allow active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.
It can also penetrate high molecular weight ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that cannot be penetrated by iontophoresis.

It also enhances the penetration of vitamin C derivatives and other ingredients effective in whitening the skin.

RF Facial Machine

It reacts to the moisture in the skin and warms it up, promoting blood circulation and making it easier for beauty ingredients to penetrate the skin.
It is a good idea to incorporate care with beauty equipment that activates the workings of cells.

[LED facial equipment (yellow)](**

It activates the flow of lymph and promotes cell repair. It also helps to normalize the turnover of the stratum corneum.

When the cause is an increase in subcutaneous fat

For example, when you are in your 50s, your metabolism is slower than when you were in your 20s, so it is much easier to gain fat even if you eat the same amount.

It is important to eat the right amount of food and take care not to gain weight.

However, if you lose weight suddenly, you may sag as if you have excess skin, so be careful not to have a sudden change in weight.

Consider using a beauty device that works on fat.

Ultrasonic facial equipment

Ultrasonic waves are used to collide and break down fat cells and expel triglycerides from the fat cell membrane.

When muscle or cell deterioration is the cause

When muscles deteriorate, they cannot support fat and skin and tend to sag. In particular, staying in the same posture for a long time or looking down at your smartphone all the time can cause muscle weakening and sagging.

EMS Facial Machine

This is a technology that uses electrical stimulation to contract the muscles.
It can work on facial muscles that are difficult to train on their own, making it the fastest way to lift up your face.

LED facial equipment

Activates the cells of collagen tissue deep within the skin, helping to produce new collagen and bringing firmness from deep within the skin.

Are there any immediate effects of facial equipment?

While some facial products have an immediate effect on the skin, most of them need to be continued to be effective.

Continued use of a facial device can be expected to improve various skin problems. However, there are some types of facial equipment that can have a relatively immediate effect.

RF (Radiofrequency) facial equipment is expected to

Facial appliances that use radio frequency (RF) waves can be expected to improve the flow of lymph and blood by warming the skin from the inside, rather than stimulating the skin surface, thereby eliminating swelling and sagging of the face caused by cold.

Since it heats up the inner part of the skin rather than the surface, blood circulation is easily promoted and the effect is relatively immediate.

In addition to promoting blood circulation, RF facial equipment also has the effect of normalizing skin turnover, so it is recommended not only for those who are looking for immediate results, but also for those who want to maintain healthy skin in the long term.

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