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Hello, my name is Geurt de Been, I am 48 years old. I am a lover of my city I love my street, my country. Every person has a set of native locations that he will remember throughout his life. At times we must move to a different area for work and living. One of the places we go to that we will remember for a long time is our home street.

 It’s not about the street, which comprises roads, sidewalks, and even buildings that are important. The point is not that street is the sole thing that matters. It is often associated with numerous memories as well as events that were to be held in these streets. The people who live there are not only in their homes but also on the streets where they live.

 There is no way that young people are at home. Everyone goes out to their native street, finds friends, does exciting things, and gains experience in their lives. It was this childhood time is full of interesting moments, both pleasant and particularly memorable, that are remembered and remain in the memories of human beings for a lot of time.

 It’s happened to me. Although I’m getting older I believe that my neighborhood is important to me in my daily life. It was where I met my best friends and we spent lots of time together. Of course, this time is full of both enjoyable and unpleasant times, but each one of them is remembered by me and therefore will stay in my memory for a long duration.

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