• Eric Heiden replied to the topic in the forum David Michael Bruno 5 years, 5 months ago

    @guynameddave Hi there, I’m new here, saw this discussion and thought I’d throw in my two cents. Like you, I admire what Sayers was attempting (she puts forth a similar, if not identical, argument in “The Mind of the Maker”), but I really have a hard time buying her conclusions. Still, you raise a very good question.

    Personally, I would describe…[Read more]

  • @guynameddave I totally agree–and I think that might be my next post. Is there such a thing as a specifically “Christian” novel? I would say songwriters like Rich Mullins wrote songs that looked through a specifically Christian lens, used Biblical imagery, and existed not just as things of beauty but as means of edification for believers. Not all…[Read more]

  • I am wrestling with that discomfort as well, @guynameddave. I’ve come to believe that technological advances are neutral things most of the time–they can be used to improve lives or harm them. Figuring out how to do the former while avoiding the latter is a process, and we seem to be doing an egregiously bad job of it these days. The problem is e…[Read more]

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    We’ve always tried to maintain an atmosphere of gracious discussion in the Rabbit Room, especially when we disagree. And for the most part we’ve been successful. But when I look at the news (or Facebook) these days, I’m appalled at society’s increasing inability to disagree without falling into insult or anger or hate (or out of sound logic). Why…[Read more]