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    • Pauly Heller

      Hi all, I’m Pauly, a grandma and former homeschooler from Phoenix, AZ. Our “cottage industry,” baking and selling soft pretzels, gave my son a big leg-up for making cold calls to churches and other venues when he and his wife got started in their career as singer-songwriters. I now bask in the glow of their success and the love of our four grandchildren, two of whom live with them in Franklin, TN, and the other two who call me “Bubbe” and live with my daughter and her husband here in Phoenix.

      I’ve always been a stickler for spelling and grammar, and, after four years at Springfield College, found I had enough credits in English to earn a BA, which eventually got me in the door as a copy editor for eight glorious years at Arizona Highways magazine when my homeschooling years were through. I co-authored a couple of nonfiction books with my husband, and I’m currently working on a memoir, but I run aground when I try to sail my ship on more creative seas. For me, editing is so much easier (and safer) than writing, but it always feel like a cop-out.

      I love reading and discussing books, and I look forward to “diving in” (a much overused phrase these days) and discussing “Leaf by Niggle” with you all.

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