About Me

I am 14 years old. I have a brother and 3 sisters. I live somewhere mysterious in southern Indiana. I have lived in Arkansas most of my life. I love to read Christian fiction books. I play the guitar. I also like Legos. I love anything how to train you dragon, and dreamworks animation.

Books I Love

my number 1 favorite is Lord of the rings. number 2 is the wingfeather saga. number 3 is twenty thousand leagues under the sea. 4 is the how train your dragon book. I love Christian fiction and normal fiction. fantasy is my most read genre. I have read almost every well known classic.

My Kind of Music

I love mercyme, Andrew Peterson, and my favorite is for king and country. I like to play folk music on my guitar.

TV & Movies

my favorite is how to train your dragon. I just love the fantasy in it and the norse humor.I love the lord of the rings movies, but you should definitely read the book as well. I like Marvel cinematic universe movies. spiderman is my favorite, but most definetly the toby McGuire one.


I.J. Henry