About Me

I am young writer (well trying to be anyways). I have a brother and 3 sisters. I live somewhere mysterious in southern Indiana with a couple of magic cupboards and quite possibly a few toothy cows lurking in the forest. I have lived in Arkansas most of my life. I love to read Christian fiction books. also Gryffindor house all the way. I play the guitar and can’t get enough of it.

Books I Love

my number 1 favorite is Lord of the rings. number 2 is the wingfeather saga. number 3 is twenty thousand leagues under the sea. 4 is the how train your dragon books. Harry can fit in between all of those. I love Christian fiction and normal fiction. fantasy is my most read genre. I have read almost every well known classic.

My Kind of Music

I will listen to most kinds of music. I love 80s-00s Christian music. some of my favorite bands include: FIVE IRON FRENZY, (if you haven’t heard of them, you should totally give them a try!) Relient K, The Arcadian Wild, (usually during study time.) A little bit of Thousand Foot Krutch, Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot, NEEDTOBREATHE, and For King & Country. The list could go on practically forever.

TV & Movies

favorite of all time is The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. second is the Maze Runner Trilogy (the second movie is trash though). Star Wars, Marvel, How to train your dragon, The Mandolorian (what’s baby Yoda’s real name going to be?). The Chronicles of Narnia, and Mortal Engines.


I.J. Henry