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Term Paper on Legal Studies

  • Affirmative Action: Contemporary Issues

In this paper topic to do my essay a writer discusses current topics on Affirmative Action, and relates these efforts to contemporary politics and legislation

  • Affirmative Action: Pros and Cons

The following brief discussion will consider the two sides of this issue. Initially, my support for affirmative action will be outlined. Subsequently, the body of the paper will consider responses to my position. A conclusion will reiterate support for affirmative action in light of the arguments against it.

  • Affirmative Action: Where Do We Go From Here

Choosing this paper topic when writing my papers a writer discusses the issue of affirmative action. The paper argues that affirmation action is a positive policy that counter-balances institutional racism within the society. Certain oppressed groups need a policy of empowerment to receive true equal opportunity.

  • Altering Concepts Of Copyright In An Age Of Information And Digital Goods

A paper regarding Copyright in the light of information/digital goods and traditional models of markets and government regulation. Debate is still open on the future of copyright with polarized arguments having taken form.

  • Alternative Strategies to be Used in the War on Drugs: A Focus on Decriminalization and Legalization

Alternatives to the War on Drugs have thus been gaining popularity among individuals and organizations that seek to curb drug use in addition to reducing a government policy that has proven ineffective. This paper investigates these alternative strategies to the War on Drugs, including legalization and decriminalization. This is accomplished through the use of journal sources on these topics.

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  • American Drug Courts

Theoretically, the goal of drug court programs is to develop a therapeutic environment, which will rehabilitate drug offenders. In these programs, administered by the drug courts, there is personal involvement by the drug court judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, as well as treatment providers to rehabilitate drug offenders. However, while the intentions are good, there is a lack of efficiency and effectiveness in the American drug courts due to a lack of centralization and communication. This paper discusses the drug court system and analyzes this issue.

  • Abortion 

This is a paper style that links abortion to the murder of a child. There is no moral and ethical debate, it’s simply an argument against abortion.

  • Abortion: A Pro-Life Essay

This undergraduate argumentative essay offers three arguments as to why abortion is morally wrong. The author argues that abortion is wrong because fetuses are alive, are human, and that their human right to life supersedes a woman’s secondary right to control her body.

  • Americans With Disabilities Act: Legal and Ethical Considerations

This undergraduate paper discusses various legal and ethical considerations involved in the Americans With Disabilities Act, and takes the position that the Supreme Court ruling in Sutton vs. United Airlines best reflects the intent of Congress when drafting the ADA.

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