• I finished my book on a Monday afternoon, an hour before the kids got home from school. I’ve written over fifty thousand words during the last five years, and it feels like I’ve finally told the whole story I set […]

    • Congratulations, Janna. You won a war to get here, and thanks for having the courage to share what it feels like. I feel those ways, too. And I, too, death grip this:

      Even if we never “arrive” as artists, I think Jesus is pleased with the work we do in his name….We’re all loved infinitely, regardless of whether we deserve it, or believe it, or not.”

    • I’m proud of you, Janna. Keep on trucking.

    • Thank you for being brave. You have prompted me to be brave in return. To borrow a term from a forum thread on here, I have been “lurking” for a few months. I have garnered many cries of my heart that say, “Oh, yes, that!”, and I have thought about commenting several times. This is the first time I felt I really should take courage in hand and comment. But being me, I had to take even more courage in hand and register because I didn’t want to comment and then have to come back later to register if I got brave enough to regularly comment on the site.

      What particularly resonated with me from your post is: 1) the title including the word “invitation” – this is an idea of particular note in lessons God is teaching me; 2) finishing a book but being uncomfortable telling people, feeling like a fraud the few times I do, and not knowing what to do with it; 3) these words, “I wish I were well and whole already…Will I ever not have doubting and sorrow? Or worry. How can you find peace and joy every day without losing them all the time, like an obstinate set of car keys?”; 4) practically every word of your article, I just can’t quote it all here, but that, along with looking a bit at your website and other titles here at The Rabbit Room, make me wish I lived close enough to sit down and talk with you a while (though likely I’d be too shy to actually do so); 5) “Sojourn well” – I have long appreciated the sense of hope and adventure in the word “sojourn”, as well as the ideas it kindles in my mind; and 6)though you are sharing a landmark, you ground it in the fact that a majority of our journey is lived in daily tasks like laundry and hair washing.

      Although I feel a bit awkward saying all this since I am a complete stranger to you, again, I thank you for being brave and for your honesty.

    • Janna, congratulations! Such a beautiful, beautiful milestone, and I love that you are marking it by stopping to soak in who God is and who you are in Him. He keeps us so close when He sets ideas in our hearts, through our human emotions and tendencies, through our casting them upon Him to reminds Whose we are. You have reflected upon this in such an encouraging way, and I am so sure He is full-of-heart at your beautiful obedience and surrender in this calling. Praying for you as you seek what to do from here!

    • Just breath now. After a marathon, it takes time for the swelling to go down, and the muscles to recover. Before long, you’re looking for another crazy race to run. Enjoy the down time.

    • Just breathe for now. After running a marathon, it takes time for the swelling to go down and the muscles to recover. But you bounce back. And soon enough, you’re looking for another crazy race to run.

    • Thank for this post. I really needed it. And congratulations on completing your book!

  • Of the six of bedrooms I can remember from my childhood, only two were completely my own, and the time I lived in both of them was less than two years. The rest I shared with my sister. In college I had five […]

    • Three cheers for you, Janna, and for all of this!

    • I love this. I’m writing in our “spare oom” now, also, in between guests and our oldest daughter’s visits from college. In the past my husband has offered to build a room down in the garden shed, and a good friend has made a space for me in their guest quarters, but I’m settling on this close and easy space for now and I feel so blessed. May your words flow in your new space!

    • I love this. I can’t wait to read the beautiful things to come from this Spare Oom.

  • We’ve only been in Knoxville for twelve years, but I can relate to stumbling into these same kinds of lessons as my family moved also moved around a lot when I was younger. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy hearing from you.

  • The first time I heard the band Frightened Rabbit was eight years ago, on a cruise ship in the gulf of Mexico. My husband and I had joined another couple on a five day Carnival cruise. We spent one day on the […]

  • I admire Sally for her 5 am commitment. I could maybe do 6 am but there’s no way I could get up before the sun. I do like the morning though. My brain shuts down around 9 o’clock at night, sometimes earlier.

    I think the main thing I need to be creative is time. I don’t mean that as in the classic “I don’t have time to be creative” sense. What I…[Read more]

  • I hope you’re mostly preaching to the choir, here. After all, this is the website that gave birth to Hutchmoot, which is made up of lots of waiting moments, and that’s where much of the magic happens. What we’ve been reading in The Slow Church forum goes quite well with all of this, too. God’s sense of time can feel very slow if we never have to…[Read more]

  • I just have to ask. Why are we moving so quickly through a book about being slow? 😉 I’m a slow reader. Does that count for anything? Ha ha. See you in the forums, friends.

  • Indeed, how? Only love can conquer hate. This poem is powerful.

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