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Tadalista 20 is an erectile dysfunction drug developed by Fortune Healthcare.

A generic drug of Cialis, it has a reputation for its erection-enhancing effect and its lasting power, and the effect lasts for up to 36 hours.

It has the advantage that it is easy to keep the purchase cost down, and it is easy to take it even if you do not tell your partner who spends a long time together.

  • Characteristics of Tadalista

Tadalafil, which is included in Tadalista, is ideal for those who are concerned about hot flashes or palpitations caused by other drugs or for those who want a slow, mild effect.

Once absorbed, it is less affected by food, and you can have a better sex life without affecting your daily life. Kamagra Oral Jelly and Vilitra 20 are a drug that is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men.

This medicine supports erections by inhibiting the enzyme PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5), but it works only when sexually stimulated.

Rest assured that you will not get an erection without stimulation.

  • Tadalista’s duration of action

The impact shows up around 1 hour after taking the medication and endures for as long as a day and a half.

Individual differences may occur in effects and efficacy depending on the physique, body size, physical condition, etc.

  • How to take Tadalista

Take this medicine with a glass of water or lukewarm water once a day, approximately one hour before sexual activity. Also, Fildena 120 mg is the answer to the issue of men’s erectile dysfunction.

This medicine is not affected by food, so it can be taken before, between, or after meals.

Try not to require at least a few times every day, and leave a time frame of least 24 hours between dosages.

  • Tadalista Recommended Dose

The recommended dose of tadalafil, the active ingredient in Tadalista, is 10 mg per dose.

For patients with organic or mixed ED for whom 10mg is not sufficiently effective, the dose can be increased to 20mg if there are no problems with tolerability.

For patients with renal impairment, start with 5 mg.

The dose should be up to 10 mg in patients with moderate renal impairment, and the dosing interval should be at least 48 hours. 5 mg is the upper limit for patients with severe renal impairment. Purchase Sildalist and Malegra 100 online at

  • How to store Tadalista

・Store at room temperature (1-30°C), avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

It does not need to be refrigerated and should be kept at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.

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