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The art of light and the beauty of connection – to the landscape, to nature, to the positive flow and exchange of creative energy. Photography has been my primary route to connecting with the world and life around me since first picking-up my first SLR camera in the 1970’s and heading off into the woods behind my childhood home, near Dayton Ohio. In 2003 I established Picture Ohio LLC as a full-time endeavor, encompassing fine art print sales, stock licensing, workshops and lessons, and commercial photography assignments. In addition to my avocation with photography I also teach college communications courses at both The Modern College of Design and at The University of Dayton, here in Ohio. I have a professional education and background in marketing communications, public relations and human resources management. At my very core though is a passion for storytelling, education and expression through art. My two daughters and my son keep me inspired and grounded, yoga and cycling keep me healthy, faith in the power of love and compassion keeps me going. More regarding my story and my work at

Books I Love

I’ll take the easy approach and post my Goodreads Profile 🙂 Hope that’s ok –

My Kind of Music

Favorite musical artists, and in no particular order:

Melanie Penn
Andrew Peterson
Lord Huron
James Taylor
John Denver
Hans Zimmer
Peter Gabriel

TV & Movies

I wouldn’t know where to begin! So many after 58 years of enjoying so much.

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