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Winning an Argument in Essay – Tips and Tricks

To write an effective argumentative essay, you need to persuade the audience to see things from your viewpoint. Grab the reader’s attention with some components such as captivating topics, strong evidence, persuasive language, and balanced assessment.

When writing such kind of essays, you need to keep in mind some important points that will make your essays impressive. If you are writing an argumentative essay for the first time, then you may need guidance, so don’t hesitate to consult any professional paper writer.

Tips for Writing a Winning Essay

·         Finding an Attractive Topic

Finding the right topic for an argumentative essay is a little bit tricky. As you see a list of topics, find the one in which you have an interest. Don’t go for complicated topics or in which you don’t have enough knowledge. Once you have selected the topic, you are free to make the list of both sides of the argument. Make sure when shaping an argument, you will explain for or against an issue. To prove your side of viewpoint, provide strong evidence and reasoning.

·         Collect Strong Evidence

Providing facts and figures is necessary when writing an argumentative essay. If you do not provide correct facts and figures, your readers will not believe in your work, whether the provided arguments are valid or not. Make sure to provide strong evidence to prove your thesis. Research as much as possible and collect the relevant data that should be included as evidence. Try to collect data from reliable sources, books, journals, etc.

·         Writing an Effective Essay

Once you are done with research, start writing. First, make a rough outline that will include important headings. It is a roadmap that you have to follow when writing an essay. If you have a proper outline, then you will feel free to write an argumentative essay. Like every essay, an argumentative essay also consists of the following three parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. There is no specific length of the paragraph; it depends upon your essay requirement.

·         Concluding Essay

The best way to conclude your essay is to summarize your viewpoint and tell your readers why your stance is the best option. Never introduce new concepts in ending paragraphs. Your conclusion should be engaging enough to impress the readers.


When writing an argumentative essay, consider these tips to help craft the most affecting argument for your audience. Make sure not to use emotional language that looks irrational. Take someone’s guidance to improve your essay writing. Let’s suppose I want to write my essay for me; I will consult a professional writing service for help.


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