About Me

Though it may cost my soul, I’ll sing for free.

Adventurer, schemer, lover of music, mischief, Creation, & all things lovely & delightful. Helps spread the Good News through website & app.

Completely apathetic about sports, but will watch with you & cheer for your team.

Wants to try almost everything at least once (except sports).



Books I Love

The Wingfeather Saga, Till We Have Faces, the poetry of Billy Collins, The Screwtape Letters…hmm…I need to expand this list…

My Kind of Music

I like almost any kind of music, depending on my mood, but most often folk, Americana, epic & orchestral, & pop rock.

TV & Movies

Don’t really watch much TV or movies these days, but I still love The Princess Bride, Stardust, Labyrinth, Captain America: The First Avenger, Goonies, any old Star Trek (except Enterprise), Stargate SG-1, & Stargate: Atlantis. Would love Dr. Who & Stranger Things if I had more time to see them.

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K. Rose