About Me

I’m just a soul with a body, and a brush, and a longing for the light from whence she came.

Books I Love

The Hobbit

Jane Eyre

The Hidden Life of Trees, and The Secret Wisdom of Nature

Adorning The Dark

Les Miserable

How To Train Your Dragon (All 12 of them. BEST audiobooks ever)

The Wingfeather Chronicles

The Committed Life

My Kind of Music

Its much easier to just share the link to my top playlists. Go listen for yourself! (I promise they are clean, happy, and uplifting)

Good Christian Chill –

Art Inspo/ Unabashedly Nerdy vibes –

Happy Playlist –



TV & Movies

The Ash Lad (both 1 and 2)

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away

This Beautiful Fantastic



My Website