About Me

I am a saint, not by blood or merit. My conviction is Isaiah’s rain to desolate fields, and my labor is translation and linguistics. Forgive the costume (work demands it).

Books I Love

Tolkien and Chesterton, those literary champions of old. ND Wilson and Andrew Peterson are my current heroes. At the Foot of the Snows by David Watters is a great story of missions in Bible translation. Every Moment Holy is a rock. More than any of these are the holy scriptures, translated by the hands of the faithful into my own language (American English).

My Kind of Music

Andrew Peterson, Christopher Tin (global music), The Gray Havens, Josh Garrels, Sleeping at Last, Keith Green, Howard Shore, Yiruma, Audrey Assad, and John Powell.

TV & Movies

Lord of the Rings, How to Train Your DragonLes Miserables (2012), superhero movies, Disney classics, and anything narrated by David Attenborough.


Thoan Petrichor