About Me

Lori Ann, the owner, and creator of Ascending Souls Journey was born “knowing” she was different compared to others around her.  She spent over 40 years practicing the art of energy and vibrations and now is bringing it to others.  Lori Ann carries a degree in Metaphysical Behavior Science, studying the spiritual, scientific, and humanistic interconnection with relationships.  She is also a Certified Energy Healing Practioner specializing in using her psychic gifts to find blockages in the growth of all areas of life, love, and relationships.  She also focuses on providing products, services, workshops, and online courses to help find and remove all the old and fill in the empty spaces with heightened creativity, expansions, communication, and interconnections with others.  Telepathic communications are only a tiny part of what our twin flames give us.  They bring us back to “us.”

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