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Top Best 10 Careers for women in Pakistan


Today, women enjoy a higher position than they did in the past. Thanks to God that we are living within the 20th century, where women have gained a lot of confidence and dare to explore horizons that were not available to women (literally as well as figuratively) only three years ago. Women still face discrimination due to sex, however, today they have the to be able to defend herself. Women who work have a dual responsibility to make a living while looking at their family. The decision of choosing a profession can be extremely challenging, and you will need to consider a variety of options when choosing. You should choose a job that not only helps financially but also aids you to meet your obligations to your family. In this article, we will discuss the the top 10 career choices that women can choose from in Pakistan and will help you determine the one that is best for you.

  • Medicine(Nurse)
  • Teaching
  • Law
  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Designer
  • Beaution
  • Entrepreneurship

1. Medicine

It’s not just as the most noble occupation, but is also very broad and demanding. It is further divided into 4 subfields i.e. nursing, doctor teaching medicine, pharmacy, and teaching.Doctor: Nothing compares something as the chance to save the life of a person. It is a very challenging field as it does not just require a lot of effort, but also several years. It is true that working hard is a sweet reward when you graduate and being registered and licensed, you can start your private practice, which allows you to control your time. If you’re looking to be a part of an institution but want to make your family your primary concern, you will always have an option to choose areas that don’t have to have to deal with emergency situations like radiology, skin specialty, BDS, laboratory analyses as well as other.Nursing: women by nature are extremely compassionate and caring, and this job works well for them. Women who, for one or another reason cannot go on to higher education after the completion of their matriculation, are able to continue with classes in nursing and be employed in both private and government hospitals, which could provide them with an excellent salary and other benefits , or be employed by a private practice physician based on their requirements.Teaching medical students: There are a lot of medical schools both government and private jobs in the United States. If you aren’t sure if you want to consider yourself a doctor, you can be a teacher which allows you to work flexible hours.Pharmaceuticals: If you’re interested in the efficient use of medicines and review of medications it is possible to consider studying pharmaceutical studies. It is a challenging field that requires a lots of research and development.

2. Teaching

There is no doubt that women are to be the top teachers around the globe, an extremely suitable career for women. Different levels of education are offered from the Montessori level up to PhD level. You are able to choose the level that best suits your passion. The schedules for school and universities are also acceptable. Universities also provide visiting faculty options that require only a few hours of work. If none of this is for you then you could also take on private coaching or even start the coaching company of your choice. Overall, coaching is an extremely profitable source of income.

3. Law

Women naturally have a desire to seek justice since often they are as victims of abuse and discrimination. The law is a field that is perfect for that requires hard work, effort as well as memory, intelligence, and conviction , and she is able to take on the task. The first few years of making yourself an effective lawyer may be difficult but once the achievement, she will be able to be a lawyer according to their own rules and terms and. It is also possible to work as a consultant for other firms and NGOs.

4. Aviation

A promising career option for girls in their teens, regardless of regardless of whether they wish to be pilot or air stewardess/hostess/air stewardPILOT: A few years ago, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) began recruiting female pilots. The policy that is worthy of applause which has opened up exciting opportunities for women who want to contribute their time and talents in a totally unique way. If you’re a person of passion and desire to travel, then flying may be the answer to your question. Commercial piloting isn’t a common thing, but you could also take it on.Air hostess/stewardess must meet certain standards like height, ability to speak two or three languages, and she must be warm, welcoming and quick to respond to situations of emergency.

5. Banking

Banking hours are long and tiring however the pay is excellent. Banking is secure and the odds of advancement are good if you’re hardworking and honest.

6. Information Technology

With the reliance of computers in all aspects of our lives, the need for IT specialists is growing each day. If a woman is an IT expert, she will have the option of working on work from home or office projects based on her personal needs and priorities. It is possible to remain at home as a mom , and still be able to be a web designer and graphic design and multimedia 3D animation etc.

7. Media

The best way to express your personality and demonstrate your creativity. In the past, this area wasn’t a major draw of our times However, in recent times with a lot of private TV channels coming to appear, this has led to a variety of opportunities for women to work. Acting acting, modeling, directing anchoring, producing games shows, whatever you want to call it, there is something for anyone. Media industry also has excellent salary packages.

8. Designer

The design field is based on your personal collection of abilities.Fashion Designing: pret-a-porter is a rage in the last 10 years. If you’re artistic and love playing with fabric and color, you can start your own boutique or have 2-3 exhibitions a year in your local area or find your own clients to work with.Jewelry design isn’t just for ladies and many are now entering the area. It is possible to work with platinum, silver, gold and stones, as well as artificial jewelry. You can exhibit your work to sell your work.Interior design is an instinctual desire of a woman to enhance and embellish her environment, which is the reason women are more successful as interior designers. After completing your studies in interior design it is possible to join a firm or work on your own tasks that may be difficult for you.

9. Beaution

It’s a great opportunity to help the world (pun meant). A highly creative career for women, you can take professional training abroad , as well as at existing beauty salons. You can be hair expert or make-up artist or nail technician or start your own saloon and do all things. You can even make an entire area of your house for this goal and have fun with your family, your business and lots of money.

10. Entrepreneurship

In our cities there are cottage industries that are prevalent and are run by women. In rural areas, women perform embroidery and handicrafts to earn money. In cities this type of business isn’t common, but it is gaining popularity. You can make wise investments in line with your interests and keep in mind current trends and requirements of society. You can also do business in transportation such as providing pick-and-drop service to college students and food businesses in fresh, frozen, and bakery products, fitness gyms as well as event management. If you are looking to run a big-scale business or a smaller scale, it’s all dependent on your budget and the availability of time.


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