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  • There’s an ancient story handed down to us in the Old Testament book of Numbers in which a group of people find themselves walking in circles. Their fear of change, their avoidance of Resistance, kept them from e […]

  • Eric Hilton’s approach would be difficult to mimic even if the world didn’t feel as if it was presently falling apart.

    As one half of renowned electronic duo Thievery Corporation, Eric (along with his mus […]

  • Somehow Sarah Siskind has saved her best work for her own albums. That’s a difficult feat for a songwriter who has written for the likes of Alison Krauss, Wynonna, and Randy Travis. She’s toured with Bonnie and B […]

  • Rosi Golan isn’t afraid to admit her fears.

    Despite Rosi’s 12 years in the music industry, beginning with 2008’s The Drifter and the Gypsy, the Israeli-born singer-songwriter says some fears loom larger […]

  • How can you give away what you’ve lost?

    That was the dilemma facing singer-songwriter John Mark McMillan for most of the last decade. As an artist known for his lyrical substance and spiritual per […]

  • [Editor’s note: click here to read Part 5: The Case for Nostalgia by Leslie E. Thompson.]

    When I was twelve years old, my parents bought me the 10th Anniversary Concert recording of Les Misérables on VHS. […]

    • I loved this, Shigé! My parents seemed to have a similar philosophy about “safe” music, and I have to laugh when I think of them shaking their heads at “Christian Rock” and then handing me and my brother “Lovely Ladies.” 🙂

    • Well said, Steve! That really gets to the point and importance of what I’m talking about, thanks so much for the expansion!

    • I love that you liken our listening possibilities to places like Alice’s Wonderland. You encourage us to new frontiers and that IS exciting. It reminds me of Andy Gullahorn’s “Brand New Song”.
      One of my son’s is always willing to educate me on the finer points of twenty-one pilots; they are out of my comfort genre for certain but I can’t deny my appreciation. Thank you for writing this excellent piece, Shigé.

    • Fantastic thoughts here, Shigé! I truly appreciate all the parts of this series – so many different, valid perspectives.

  • Jericho Brown was not waiting for these rewards, although we’re certain he’ll gladly receive them.

    Brown is a brilliant poet, one of America’s living literary geniuses, who was recently given the 2020 Pu […]

  • I wasn’t expecting to see so clear a picture of Jesus in Pixar’s latest movie, Onward, though I ought to know by now that unexpected places are his favorites. He’s always turning up with a wink and a grin when […]

    • This is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Ian’s desperate longing to meet his father was the thing I connected with most in this film, so much so that it broke my heart when (spoilers) he didn’t get what he’d been longing for in the end. I love the parallels to the Gosple that you’ve drawn here. Definitely helps me better understand what the movie woke up in me, and gives me a new way to approach its message.

    • Just watched this movie with my little sister, and we loved it. I was also very moved by the surprise twist at the end. Your review adds a new layer of resonance to the story for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • Amazing.. Thanks for sharing!

  • The birdhouse fell in a storm. We found it the next morning lying on the ground, roof split, blue eggs cracked and broken. We could make out the bend of a tiny wing, the puckered skin where dark feathers prepared […]

    • All the applause.
      “Sometimes, growing up makes us less honest about how much it hurts to be alive. We lower our expectations and make broad statements about the inevitability of suffering, as though that will mitigate the pain when it comes. ”
      “I thought my son was the perfectionist. Maybe he is just more honest than I am.”
      “My grief is overwhelming. It is older and deeper than my son’s. I’m just better at hiding it.”
      Man. If that ain’t all the hard and important truth. And the end gave me chills. The whole thing is a perfect question, and I’m grateful you’ve asked it into the universe in such a compelling way.

    • Oh, me, too. Me, too.

    • Oh Helena, this is so beautiful and so true…. even without the scars (I can see) to keep getting up each day and beginning again. You captured this so well.

  • Zach Williams is worried about what you will think of him. Aren’t we all? For many people, the desire to live up to the expectations of others alters our everyday behavior. Actions are filtered through a se […]

  • Last week, we learned that the official Giving Tuesday website scheduled May 5th to be a new, global Giving Tuesday “as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.” So today, each of us has a uni […]

  • Giving Tuesday cometh.

    No, we haven’t been transported seven months into the future. (Though, with everything that’s happened, would that really come as such a shock at this point?)

    This year has bee […]

  • In the midst of a global pandemic and being quarantined with our own makeshift home studios, we thought it appropriate to take Episode 16 to process this greater reality of Resistance that we all face these days. […]

  • I’ve been asked to write a brief pronunciation guide for anyone who might need help with character and place names in The Door on Half-Bald Hill. Pronunciation guides are tricky! It’s always easier to hear a new […]

    • Give me a recording of you saying each one and I can get it in IPA (international phonetic alphabet) for you.
      Although most of your descriptions get it done. 🙂

    • Hey, Adam! Thanks for your comment. I actually studied IPA in college, but that’s nearing 20 years ago. Most of what I learned in college has been forced out of my brain by more pressing matters. 🙂
      There’s a short video on the RR Facebook page and on my personal page (Helena Sorensen Aman) in which I pronounce most of these names. Is that a clear enough recording?

    • I just wanted to double-check one more. “Ollamh” would be pronounced like “Ollav”, right?

  • What were you doing when you were 10-years-old?

    Despite the fact she’s lost count of the number of times she’s been asked to play the Grand Ole Opry, bluegrass icon Sierra Hull remembers her first a […]

  • As a child, I heard a lot about the end of the world—the mark of the Beast, the demise of America, the million-man army that would spread destruction over the face of the earth. Things were going badly wrong, t […]

    • Thanks, Helena. In the end, believers are in a comedy, we all get hitched in the end. So put them berries in the bucket! So looking forward to 1/2 bald hill’s release.

    • “The Romans, he said, insisted on “life marked out in squares.” They built straight roads and sent square units of soldiers, unfeeling phalanxes, to conquer the world, to claim yet more land and draw yet more squares. Their minds were full of lines and corners.”

      Ah! The Romans were Borg!

      i CANNOT wait for this book to come out. i’m going to fling it at so many people.

    • I grew up in that looming shadow of the apocalypse too. As a kid, if my mom and my sister didn’t get home on time, I’d have to push down panic that they’d been whisked away, leaving me behind to eat my way through a seven-layer burrito of suffering and wrath. I don’t think I FULLY got out of that story and into a better one until I discovered the Rabbit Room. Deep thanks to you and everyone here who keep telling that better story.
      That said, waiting for this book to release is becoming a tribulation of its own. If the world ends before I get to read it, I’m going to have words with somebody.

  • The other day my wife found the artifact.

    While cleaning out the basement, she emerged upstairs with a dusty, unopened box containing a Yeti microphone, an ideal mic for beginning podcasters. Taped to the side […]

    • So glad you and The Resistance are back, Matt. Long live The Resistance!

    • I found out in college that I enjoyed writing and had the potential to be good at it. I spent the next 17 years not writing. I probably need this, and I’m glad you’re pressing on with it.

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