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A proper diagnosis is essential in preventing and treating these conditions. Sleep studies are often required to measure the levels of oxygen and brain waves that occur during sleep. An EEG will measure the electrical activity during sleep or suffering from sleep apnea. Additionally, genetic history and testing could be recommended to find the root of the health issue that causes sleep disorders. If you want the best neurologist in Gurgaon then first visit here.

When the diagnosis is established treatment commences and the pain lessens or gets rid of. A consultation with an experienced neurologist early in the course of the disorder or disease will help to limit the harm caused by unknown ailments. It can be as simple as a change in diet or medications to alter patterns and bring back a regular sleep.

If you’ve had problems with your heart regardless of the cause, be, your primary physician likely referred you to an expert for further examination and treatment. The physician you’d visited who examined you and assessed your health condition was called a cardiologist in Gurgaon.

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