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    My name is Meg Newberg. I am a landscape painter and I live in the desert outside of Tucson, AZ. Painting a beautiful leaf does indeed bring a unique and exquisite joy.

    • I had a few year of visiting Tucson each March, and it is a lovely area. I imagine as a landscape painter there, you do not lack for inspiration. I loved the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

      Though I would not want to paint landscapes in the summer. In Vermont (where early October is the time visual artists flock to the state) people get seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter from lack of sunlet. I’ve heard it affects folks in Tucson in the summer because they don’t want to go outside during the day. Still, the beauty around you must draw you out regularly to paint. Does painting a cactus needle count as painting a leaf? Or does it need to be a blossom?

    • How did you comment on my introduction? I can’t seem to figure out how to respond to people’s introductions individually. Haha, I love painting the cactus needles as they are illuminated by our sunrises and sunsets, but I have never considered them to be leaves. We have some maple up on the mountain and painting fall leaves is one of my favorite things. For a while I was applying to various National Park Residencies. It’s fun to meet someone with that experience.